CozyPhones at 35,000 ft in the AIR!

 Have you flown on a plane or taken a long road trip with kids? Then you know what is needed to make your trip peaceful and relaxing. The CozyPhones headphones was exactly what we needed on our family trip to Oahu.

 Keeping the kids entertained can sometimes be a challenge on long trips and having them use headphones that are cozy and easy to wear made the downtime more entertaining. 

 The CozyPhones are made out of soft fleece and a flexible durable braided stereo 3.5mm cord. The kids had a choice of two designs and they chose the fox and the frog to wear on the plane.

 I received comments from moms on the plane and also the stewardess about the CozyPhones and how practical and soft they looked on the kids. 

 I agree that the fleece was soft and comfortable but I would not recommend to wear them in summer months because it can make the kids sweat. The CozyPhones are best used in cars, homes, planes and cool places. This makes it nice to curl up in a blanket and get cozy.

 The only issue I found was that the ear pieces would occasionally slide backwards in the sleeve of the bands.

 The CozyPhones really did help keep the kids stay quiet on their tablets and not disturb each other. Let's keep it real, screaming and fighting kids is not fun, and can be reduced with good and wholesome entertainment.

Thank you CozyPhones for letting the kids experience the softest headphones. #sponsored 

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