Irving Hidden Canals

 Did you know that Irving had canals? Irving has so many options for fun in the city. If you haven't seen the canals its time for you to check them out. It is a really sweet place to go and explore with your family. What you didn't know is that you can have a Gondola Adventure ride with your significant other. Not only can you have a ride on the Gondola you can have dinner, lunch or just take a ride. I was excited to hear about this option at the Irving Canals. 

The city of Irving has been adding new and fun destinations places. The canals are one of the coolest places to check out and I hope you can give it a try and see what you will like. What I hope would happen is that more entertainment and restaurants be added along the canals. This would add more attraction and buzz around the area. 

 If you are looking for a great family day at the Irving Canals you will want to keep this day on your calendar. April 22nd 2017 is the day you will have a blast with your family. The Canal Fest, Irving. TX will be a great family friendly event with music, food and local artist. This family friendly event has something for everyone and you will see the canals come to life with entertainment. I like this annual event and I know that it will spark more attractions to come and be apart of this hidden beauty in Irving. 

Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower is 470 feet up you'll experience breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views, high-definition zoom cameras, interactive touch screens, telescopes, photo ops and an indoor/outdoor observation deck that lets you see for miles in any direction.

The journey begins in the PIX photo experience at the bottom of the tower. we had a great time taking these goofy pictures. We were able to take out pictures in front of a green screen, but we could use different props to change the look we wanted. the kids really like picking out their props. You will be able to check out your pictures when you scan your ticket at the top with computers waiting for you. Next, we boarded the elevators that are ready to take us 470 feet in the air in 68 seconds to the GeO-Deck

This indoor/outdoor observation deck lets you explore the city unlike anywhere else. Step up to the interactive touch screen Halo and with just one swipe discover local hidden gems, historic landmarks, museums, parks and much more.

Ready for a different view? Head outside for a lap around the exterior deck and feel the wind in your hair as you stand 470 feet on the outside deck! Day or night, make the iconic Reunion Tower your first stop to explore interesting things to see and do in Dallas.

The kids were really hungry so we went up to the Cloud Nine Café. This was a nice spot to sit and relax and enjoy a burger, fresh lemonade and a view. The kids really enjoyed seeing the view of the city in a new way. A birds eye view for sure. The kids were almost at the eye level of certain birds that took flight so close to the tower. The one things that the kids enjoyed was the room was spinning at a low unrecognizable speed. The view changes with a 360 view. We didn't make it all the way around, but it was enough for the, to see the different points and landmarks of the city.

The food was really good and we really liked the taste of the fresh lemonade, and the service was good as well. My kids were loud and jumping from chair to chair because they were excited, so of course its a kid friendly place.

$3 off General Admission to Reunion Tower's GeO-Deck - Receive $3 off an adult general admission ticket to Reunion Tower's GeO-Deck when you present this coupon or mention code "USFam"!

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* I was gifted tickets to the Reunion Tower and all my opinon are my own.

What's Gentrification?

Wynwood? who are you and what happened to the city that I called home. Most of you don't know but I am from Miami. I call it home and grateful that I can. I miss my city the way it used to be and what it has become is foreign to me. I want to be excited for the changes, but how can I be? I love Wynwood and what it has become but it lacks that Puerto Rican vibe that it once had. I see new stores, restaurants and lots more graffiti. This was my old stomping grounds where I would walk to school and see my friends, now I don't recognized anything.

What is the whole point of gentrification? I've seen it happen here in Dallas and its been great to see the changes, but I have little knowledge about what it was like here. What I know is my city of Miami and I am glad to see that its a lot cleaner and pretty and sparkly, but that's about it. You can mask the city with a lot of glitter but it will always be my Wynwood. I know what lies behind the shine and it was the families that came to Miami to make a better life for their kids. I am that child who was from an immigrant mother that came to have a better life. These tourist will never know that story, but are always eager to wait in line for minutes just to try a Mexican taco. What happened to eating authentic Puerto Rican food?

I am glad that I will call Miami home and show my family the REAL Miami and what its all about, from where it was and what it has become. I miss the old city but I am eager to see where the city will go and what new opportunities it will bring to the residents. This experiment of gentrification will only work when you lift those up and give them opportunities to work and provide for their families. I love it when we can all work together to build up our cities for the better.

I will say that I really liked my food from Panther Coffee and the relaxed vibe that it had. The city needed a spot where the locals can gather for a morning drink and breakfast. I love the fact that its not a Starbucks but locals making it their own. The food was great and the wait was short. I just cant wait to go back and explore more and eat more.

lick Ice Cream

 What do you mean by honest lick ice cream? I've been wanting to try this place out ever since I heard about it. When we saw that they had a location in San Antonio, I had to try it. This location is at the pearl district. Its a really neat spot that we will check again. Tons of places to eat as well. Here are some pics of what I got. It was the cinnamon sugar cookie, and my oldest picked it out. Honestly it was so good!

EOS Lip Balm.

 Have you run out of time to get a gift for someone on your list? You need to look into the EOS lip Balm,  you know that every mom needs this in her purse. I can't get enough of how practical and easy it is to have this lip balm. I honestly can remember when I bought my first EOS lip balm and the joy it was to have one. I promise you that  I felt snobbish to own one and pull it of my purse to wear it. Its a weird thing to say, but that's how I felt. 

 Every mom knows what it is like to own a favorite thing that they can't seem to not get enough of. I lived in cold climates and I know that having a lip balm is so important to me. I cant go a day without applying something on my lips to not feel ashy and crusty. You get the point to always carry a lip product of some sort in your bag. I can't go a day without it.

 Y'all remember when you first bought an EOS lip balm, right?  I know that we all owned one, lost one and bought another one. This year they have stepped up there lip products and branched out to the skin care line. EOS has stepped it up with lip balms that are tinted and shimmer too. They have the Limited edition organic holiday packs in vanilla bean that you will see around the beauty aisle and check out. 

 Get out there and get those last minute gifts and start the New Year with moist and supple lips. Nobody has time to have crusty lips that are dry and ew. Yall have a blessed year and share the love to #lighttheworld

* This is a sponsored and honest review of the products that were sent to me for review.

XMAS Dallas Bucket List

 What will you be doing this Holiday season in Texas and beyond. Look no further because I have you covered. This is a List that you will want to print out and enjoy with family and friends. Some of the amazing adventures can be done with other mommies as a play date option. enough rambling and lets get to it.