Date Night! Murder Mystery Dinner

 Every now and then my husband and I like to dress up and go out on a date. When the opportunity came along for us to go on a date night I knew it was a break from the usual that we both needed. I'm often known to write about family friendly fun activities happening in the city of Dallas, but this night was ours. If you're like us and enjoy a good date night, then here is a suggestion you should try. The Murder Mystery Co. in Dallas.

What is a murder mystery dinner? This is a "who done it" night that you will be talking about and wanting to experience again. The night started with a mugshot that we took before entering the venue, it was hilarious because of the props they had. I couldn't take it serious when we had to pose for our shot. But we got through it and I liked how they turned out, super silly and funny. 

The theme of the night was "Til death do us part" and the scene was the wedding where everything was fine until the best man "died" suspiciously. So, each dinner table was designated as an investigative team to solve the crime. I was kind of nervous about doing this. I am really not a case solver person, but I knew that Aaron would help me out. The others at our dinner table were great to meet and get to know and made the evening even more fun. I was surprised at how talented the cast was because they were entertaining and made it interactive for the crowd. There's not a bad seat in the house, but I recommend the VIP experience and you'll get a bit closer to the action. The memories from that night are something that Aaron and I are still talking about. 

Was it the Mother-in-Law, the doctor or the best man's girlfriend. They each had a motive. If you bribe the suspects you may get some juicy info. I really don't want to give away too many details, Its something you just have to attend and enjoy. 

I saw ladies dressed up in costume that went as a group, and couples dressed up as bride and groom. I was amazed at those who came in character, it sure was a great sight.  

Ya'll have to follow this link to check out the calendar for the next Murder Mystery Dinner. The next date is August 18th. I say go ahead and book it. We truly had a blast, met awesome people at our table, and had a break from the kids.

Dallas to New Braunfels

 Three kids in tow on a journey to New Braunfels from Dallas was one to remember. I traveled with the 3 kids alone without the hubby which was a choice of mine. I wanted to do and experience a trip with my kids. This was a chance for me to travel with the kids and to literally take my time and not rush. 

One thing that I really like about traveling with the kids is that we made multiple stops along the way.

First Stop! 
If you are traveling down from Dallas south on I35 I recommend going to the Silos in Waco. This place reminds me of Klyde Warren Park in Dallas. It has an open grassy area where the kids can run around and play with lawn games. There is a bakery on site and you are able to get yummy treats here as well. Check out my recent write up on Magnolia silos HERE.

Second Stop ! 
We stopped for lunch at the Raising Canes, its one of our got to spots where I know the kids will eat. I like the portions here and the food you can get in canes basket. YUM!

Third Stop! 
We popped in a DVD and drove the One hour and half down to Austin. I wanted to make a stop here to take a break and get the kids some Ice Cream. The behaved well and we all needed a break. We stopped at the Tasty Spoon Gelato. Really tasty flavors and good place for kids. They have a great lawn as well. They have the corn hole toss, jenga, ring toss and more. There were so many games out here that we stayed at least 30 min. My kids loved it here and so did I.

Fourth Stop!
Rise and shine, we made it to New Braunfels and we are wanting to eat some delicious pastry's. WE had to make a stop at Naegelins   the oldest bakery in Texas to eat some peach and apple strudels, and a yummy cinnamon roll. We took some back to our cabin where we stayed and ate out on the porch with a view.

Fifth Stop!
On the way back to Dallas we stopped again in Austin and ate at Gourdoughs food truck. OMGosh when I say this was the tastiest donuts I have had in a while i'm not kidding. This place is soo good. They serve up warm thick donuts with any toppings they have on site. I truly cant wait to eat here again. My mouth is watering right about NOW.

Legoland Discovery at Grapevine Mills.

 Wait, so you have kids in your home that are really obsessed with Legos too. We were super excited when we had the opportunity to go to Legoland and experience this wonderful place. The Legoland experience is one that is very cool. Your kids will really like being apart of an amazing real life lego journey. 

The Legoland experience is like no other, when you look at the place from outside you don't expect so many exhibits. This place has an laser game that takes you around in a awesome car and the kids can be apart of the whole journey of rescuing the princess. I know that my kids really liked that experience.

The legoland journey was what we needed for the kids this summer break. We wanted them to have fun, yet to learn about many other ways that legos has made an impact on so many people. In one of the exhibits my kids were amazed at the way people built legos like that Dallas Skyline. They were stunned at how big some of the structures were and the details that went into each piece. This by far is a learning experience that we were able to teach the kids about how people use legos for modern art. What a neat experience to see how amazed the kids were and see how legos can be used in a whole new way. 

My boys really enjoyed building legos to make race cars to race against other kids there. I am going to be honest and say that was by far the coolest thing. They wanted to build and be a master builder. They wanted to compete with others and show off their skills. I know that getting in that bucket and pulling out many different pieces of legos and coming up with a unique design was the highlight. That was the whole journey and the experience for them, getting in that bucket of legos and showing off, that they too can be master builders. 

Thank You to Visit Grapevine for this awesome experience and all opinions are my own. 

Akola Project

 What do you know about Akola Project? I knew I like the beautiful jewelry, but there was a story. If you don't know, but I am a child of an immigrant. My mom came to the United States for a better life for herself. In that decision she knew she wanted better. Women are always striving harder for the legacy they want to live behind. I am proud of her and what she needed to do to accomplish that goal. 

  Akola Project  is transforming the lives of women in Uganda and their children's in the community. This non profit is helping ladies with training and economic opportunities. Those opportunities include making beautiful jewelry by hand. A talent that these women have is outstanding and creating art of jewelry is so inspiring. What a blessing to these ladies to be able to gain confidence in them selves and thrive in their communities. This for me a testimony of women striving to have the best and to carry themselves up.

Women from all the world are all so similar, no matter in Dallas, Haiti, or even Uganda. We need to have courage and lift each other and encourage each other to live to their up-most potential. I really like what the Akola Project stands for and the mission they have to continue to do the best.

Take the time and check out what they are doing here in Dallas to help women re-enter the workforce, because we need to left our sisters here in Dallas too. 

Thank You Akola Project for my beautiful necklace and I'm proud to wear it and know I am apart o something bigger than myself. 

Top 20 Free Attractions in DFW @ VisitDFW

 Top 20 Free Attractions in DFW that's featured at VisitDFW. You will want to print out this awesome list for your Summer here in Dallas. Please share with your friends and family! I love sharing fun and free things with you! Click the LINK for your top 20 List. 

Hawaiian Falls #Summer Splash 2017

Hawaiian Falls Kicks Off #Summer of Awesome with a Splash

15th Birthday Bash, Flip Flop Day, Dads Free for Father’s Day, and Champions Day Upcoming June specials

Hawaiian Falls is kicking off the summer with a splash. There are lots of awesome events planned including a Birthday Bash, National Flip Flop Day, Father’s Day, and Champions Day… and that’s just in June! Hawaiian Falls’ guests can always find the most current list of special events at

15th Summer Birthday Bash – day passes $20.03 at all parks June 8 

Hawaiian Falls is celebrating their 15th Summer Birthday Bash on Thursday, June 8. Hawaiian Falls Garland, the company’s first Texas waterpark, opened in June of 2003. So to kick off the 15th summer, they are offering general admission tickets for only $20.03 at all parks all day long. Regular daily adult admission tickets are $28.99 plus tax.

National Flip Flop Day benefiting Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls - June 16

Donate a pair of new flip flops or shoes to Hawaiian Falls on Friday, June 16, and get in for the kids’ admission price - $21.99.  Everybody…kids from ages 3 – 100… gets in for the kids’ price with a pair of flip flops or shoes. (Kids 2 and under always get free admission.) All flip flops and shoes will be donated to the Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls program, which provides new shoes and socks to orphans and vulnerable children in the U.S. and around the world. Since 1999, Buckner has distributed more than 3 million pairs of new shoes and socks to children in 82 countries. While Shoes for Orphan Souls serves children all over the world, 30 percent of the shoes stay in the U.S.

Dads Free on Father's Day - June 18

Celebrate Dad on Father's Day by bringing the family closer together at Hawaiian Falls. On June 18, Dads swim free with a separate child or adult paid admission. Season pass holders can get Dad in for only $10.

Champions Day (Free Admission for Special Needs Individuals) June 23 

Champions (special needs individuals of all ages) and their family get exclusive access to Hawaiian Falls from 8:30 a.m. - 10 a.m.  Friday, June 23. Champions get free admission. Companion tickets (up to 4 people per Champion) are available for $10 each at the front gate before 10 a.m. And the family can stay all day long with no additional admission cost. 

Celebrating 15 years of bringing families closer together, Hawaiian Falls operates water parks in Garland, The Colony, Mansfield, Roanoke and Waco. Day passes are $28.99 for guests 48-inches and taller; $21.99 for guests under 48-inches tall; and $21.99 for guests 55 years of age and older. Season pass holders are always allowed into the park 30 minutes before the gates open to the public. More info at <>  or

Grapevine Vintage Railroad

 We are always finding ways to go to the city of Grapevine and experiencing the many kid friendly attractions. We were gifted tickets to ride the vintage train in downtown Grapevine. This experience I had with my family was one we wanted to do since we knew about it. The trains are one of the biggest attractions in Grapevine and lots of families come here for that. My kids are big train enthusiasts, they really like reading books on trains and watching show about them as well. It was only fitting that they were super excited to ride on such a magnificent train.

 The trains are really big and several train cars make up the unit. They offer trains with outdoor seating and air conditioned cabins. I really liked both options when riding the trains with your family. My kids especially like riding near the windows to get a better view. One of the coolest things on the ride is the snacks that they provide to the riders. Of course my kids were all about getting snacks on the train. The good thing is that snacks are cheap in price and the popcorn was our favorite. So I recommend picking a comfy spot on the train and give your kids the window seat. You will thank us for that.


The coolest part of the train ride is of course the destination. You will arrive at the Stockyards in Ft. Worth and given a few hours to walk around and have time to grab lunch. The Stockyards is also a fun destination to go with your family and see life as a cowboy herding longhorns. The kids really loved it and we ate yummy food while at the Stockyards. We had some ice cream before getting back on the train. 

 We are big fans of trains and I know that your family will enjoy this time together. Disconnect from your phones for a few hours and soak in some quality time. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing the joy in your kids eyes experiencing something as cool as riding in a vintage train. That will only be experienced by being together and sharing those moments looking out the window. 

Have FUN