Hop into Easter

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

 Easter is fast approaching and we look forward to celebrating as a family. We have some great family traditions that we enjoy doing and it is always fun to celebrate new adventures as well.

 This year, we were invited to experience a new fun Easter event at our local Walmart, and we were glad to be apart of it. We shopped and took selfies with Hopkins the Easter Bunny and ate some yummy desserts as well.

 My daughter was especially thrilled to be around Hopkins. She took several pictures, high fives, and this little 3 year old was just smiles all morning long.

 We also had the opportunity to browse all the fun and unique Easter offerings. Some of our favorites include:

  • LED Easter bucket and LED Easter eggs  (pack of six) - only $2.98 each! Perfect for after-hours Easter egg hunts.
  • This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.
  • Scentos Scented Rainbow Pen - $0.98
  • Way to Celebrate Easter Color Changing Straw (Bunny) - $0.98
  • Sour Patch Kids Marshmallows - $2.98. You have to try them!
 Whatever traditions your family has, I know you will find what you need at Walmart! Happy Easter!

Hop into Easter Event at Walmart!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

Easter is fast approaching, and we look forward to celebrating as a family. #ad
Here's a family-friendly Easter activity to add to your calendar:
Select Walmart stores in Dallas will host the "Hop Into Easter" event with fun for your family. This Free event will feature a picture with Hopkins the Easter bunny and snacks to sample, while supplies last. Click here to see if your favorite Walmart is participating!
Join us and bring your family to enjoy Easter fun from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.!


Happy Easter Giveaway

 Hi Y'all I want to reward one of you with TWO free Pogo passes. Y'all can use these passes to get into some amazing venues in DFW and enjoy them as a family. 

                                           Image result for pogo pass
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 The updated POGO passes have two tiers that you can use that fits your budget. I encourage you to check it out on their website

The link is HERE and enter Below, and get into the Spring Fever mood with these passes and enjoy with your family.

DUMBO- Movie Review

 I can honestly say that I never knew the whole story behind the character Dumbo. All that I knew is that a baby elephant had large ears and could fly. 

                                     Image result for dumbo the movie

 WOW, this movie really opened up my eyes and I can say that my son and I learned so much and related so much to so many glorious moments.

 We had an amazing opportunity to watch the pre-screening of Dumbo and it was super awesome because it was the same day as my son's birthday. 

 He is a 10 year old and oddly enough could relate to the character Dumbo. 

 In the movie, Dumbo is being picked on because the size of his ears and had to go through so much criticism and judgement. My son was recently picked on because we gave him a new haircut and a majority of the boys were making fun of him because of his looks. 

This was a sad time for a young boy to be judged on his looks. 

 He talked about how Dumbo was able to overcome his criticism and to see the beauty of the gift he had. The long and floppy ears was his gift that literally propelled him to fly and leave behind the judgments of others.

 It was an opener for both my son and Dumbo to find inner strength and know that your family will always have your back.

 I also enjoyed watching a diverse cast. The main characters, meaning the kids are bi-racial and I could see that my family related to that a lot, because we are a mixed raced family. 

 The young girl in the movie wears a key throughout the movie and it gives her strength in so many ways. This is a turning point in the film when she realizes her potential to be what she wants to be.

Image result for dumbo cast

 The movie is directed by Tim Burton and his style of film making is very eccentric and bit much for a younger crowd under the age of 5 years old.

 It can be very dark in some scenes with a few scary scenes, so just a reminder of the style of Tim Burton the director.

 Overall, I really liked the movie and the message of family, finding your dreams and to always believe in yourself no matter what people will think of you.

This film is worth seeing.

Sprinkles Cupcake Celebrating Women's History Month

 March is Women's Month and Sprinkles will be baking a limited time White Chocolate Raspberry cupcake to honor the great contributions women are making in communities and industries around the United States!

 Raspberry cake filled with raspberry compote core, finished with white chocolate frosting marveled with raspberry.

 For each White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake sold in March, Sprinkles will donate $0.25, up to $10.000 to Step -Up - a national women's empowerment organization helping young girls in under- resourced communities to fulfill their potential.

Currently available until March 31st. 

Texican Court in Las Colinas

What is the Texican - Court? 

 The Texican Court is one the coolest retro boutique hotels that is making it here in Las Colinas, TX and you need to visit here ASAP.

 If you are like me than you will find that this American Southwest inspired hotel will have you running around the property for photo opportunities everywhere.

Here are some spectacular highlights of our stay-cation...

Let's do this!


 The Texican Court has the most charming feel to its property that we couldn't resit taking advantage of the amenities. Like riding cruiser bikes around, relaxing by the circular pool that is in the center of the courtyard, or just a cozy sit by the warm fireplaces indulging in some smore's.

What do you look forward to in Amenities when visiting a hotel?

 There is no shortage of the fun you can have here with your family and friends. Also located near the Toyota Music Factory makes the Texican an established place that is in the center of all the action in Las Colinas. 


 The Two Mules Cantina offers some of the best rustic Tex-Mex food. If you can handle some heat I would suggest that you go for the Poblano Chicken Enchiladas, it had a kick to it but it was delicious. Also for the kids we got some Barbacoa Tacos and they  devoured them alongside some fresh cut fries.

 The food options are plenty so enjoy a great meal either indoor our outdoors, because every view at the cantina is worth it. 


 Okay, so if you have clicked the link to the Texican than you know what you're in for in the rooms. The rooms really ooze that Southwestern Charm mixed in with some good o'l Americana traditions. 

 Like the color pallet is rich in oranges and reds, deep greens and sparkling turquoise. This really is a vibe that I appreciated.

 The bright pink SMEG refrigerator added to that nostalgic feel and I loved that retro vibe and of course the well stocked options of drinks and snacks.

 I know you will like it here in these special rooms, so kick back relax and catch up on some movies, current events or just sports on the flat screen TV's.


 My family and I had a great time here at the Texican Court and enjoying a Stay-cation in our city is such a wonderful idea that I hope you give it a try!

Leave me a comment on where is your Dream Vacation? 

Thank You Visit Irving for this opportunity! - sponsored

Magnolia at the Silos, is a trip worth it?

 Have you seen the show Fixer Upper? Well if you haven't heard about this show then you are living under a rock. This is a power couple duo based out of Waco that flip homes and have a show that features their demo and design skills. They usually get the homes for really cheap and client families set a budget for the homes to transform with ship-lap. Well, enough about the show, go find it on HGTV or Netflix and you will be hooked.

 We are lucky to live in Dallas and only be 1 hour and half away from Waco and the Silos. This place has been one of the many destination spots that girls take girl trips, and ladies drag their husbands to see Magnolia at the Silos. The Silos is an amazing and gorgeous property nestled near downtown Waco. Is it really worth the hype?

 My answer is YES. Of course I am going to say yes. You need to come to experience this place once if you're in the close proximity. The drive for those that live in Texas is pretty awesome because we are truly spoiled with the scenery along the way. Once you make it you will have fun. There is something for everyone to enjoy. The food trucks, the storefront, the bakery and the list goes on. I know that you will enjoy being lazy on the lawn and watching the kids play. We really enjoy that about the silos, the environment there is so chill that you really lose track of time just being there. I highly recommend that you take the time to really look around the grounds and see all the nooks and crannies of this place. You will be amazed at all you will see and might even miss some amazing gems if you don't. 

 I also liked the variety of food trucks at the Silos. They had BBQ, rice bowls, fresh juice and crepes. I mean if you do it right, everyone needs to get something from every truck that they like. It's awesome to share and get a good taste of what others may have. I really enjoy that part. We also found the popcorn stand offering delicious popcorn that I wish we bought extra to bring back home with us. 

 The Store is also massive. You can feel overwhelmed inside because it was super crowded. The store has so much to see that I really didn't get a chance to see everything. I say go by yourself inside the store to just be safe that your kids wont knock things down. I also noticed that the bottom floor of the store was less crowded and check out was fast. I went in for a candle because they smell amazing and was happy about that purchase.

 Y'all have fun and take a trip to Waco and see what the Silos at Magnolia has to offer. I can't wait to drive only 1 hour and half back to the Silos to finally try the Cupcakes. YUMMY.