DUMBO- Movie Review

 I can honestly say that I never knew the whole story behind the character Dumbo. All that I knew is that a baby elephant had large ears and could fly. 

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 WOW, this movie really opened up my eyes and I can say that my son and I learned so much and related so much to so many glorious moments.

 We had an amazing opportunity to watch the pre-screening of Dumbo and it was super awesome because it was the same day as my son's birthday. 

 He is a 10 year old and oddly enough could relate to the character Dumbo. 

 In the movie, Dumbo is being picked on because the size of his ears and had to go through so much criticism and judgement. My son was recently picked on because we gave him a new haircut and a majority of the boys were making fun of him because of his looks. 

This was a sad time for a young boy to be judged on his looks. 

 He talked about how Dumbo was able to overcome his criticism and to see the beauty of the gift he had. The long and floppy ears was his gift that literally propelled him to fly and leave behind the judgments of others.

 It was an opener for both my son and Dumbo to find inner strength and know that your family will always have your back.

 I also enjoyed watching a diverse cast. The main characters, meaning the kids are bi-racial and I could see that my family related to that a lot, because we are a mixed raced family. 

 The young girl in the movie wears a key throughout the movie and it gives her strength in so many ways. This is a turning point in the film when she realizes her potential to be what she wants to be.

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 The movie is directed by Tim Burton and his style of film making is very eccentric and bit much for a younger crowd under the age of 5 years old.

 It can be very dark in some scenes with a few scary scenes, so just a reminder of the style of Tim Burton the director.

 Overall, I really liked the movie and the message of family, finding your dreams and to always believe in yourself no matter what people will think of you.

This film is worth seeing.

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