Medieval Times: Dallas, TX

Medieval Times

Let the tournament begin! A dinner and a show at Medieval Times in Dallas is fun and iconic. This is one of the best family dinning experiences in Dallas.

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 The Medieval Times experience transports guests to the times of medieval Spain and the sport held  behind the castle walls. When we arrived we were greeted with crowns representing the courts that we will cheer for. We were on the green team and super excited to cheer on our knight.
 Once inside you can walk around the venue and grab drinks, souvenirs and also watch someone be knighted. The kids liked watching the Queen and her court walk around and be among the guests. Don't forget to visit the horse's stables and look at the beauty of these horses that will be a part of the show.

 The royal court will make an announcement and guests will be divided into the colors of their knights team and be seated accordingly. Team green was our knight and we sat really close to royal court. Which was a bonus!

 This year Queen Maria Isabella has been the ruler of the court and it was a nice change to see a women in charge of the courts and the support that she received from the crowd was really inspiring.

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 Once seated we were treated to a four course meal that included dragon scales, dragon's blood and roasted baby dragon. Actually it was garlic toast, tomato soup, grilled chicken with corn, potato and a pound cake for dessert. 
 The food portions were really big and the kids barely finished their meal so I would suggest you ask for a take out bag for leftovers.

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 As the meal began we were amazed at the wonderful shows of falconry, the beautiful equine horses gracefully dancing, other games of skill, and of course the jousting competition. 
 The thrill and intensity of the matches kept us glued to the action as the knights fought for honor. We had alot fun cheering on our knight as he represented our team in jousting and sword battles.

 Medieval Times offers birthday and VIP packages that will include premium seating on the 1st and 2nd row rally flags, souvenir pictures, a special shout out from the royal courts, & more. Birthdays here are especially fun.

 Come and experience one of the coolest attractions that we have in the DFW metroplex and be amazed at the talents that we have in our city. My family really had a great time and will keep these unforgettable memories. I know you family will too.