2019 Toyota Avalon : Thanksgiving Weekend

 I wanted to lookup the definition of Thanksgiving and this is what I found: The expression of gratitude especially to God (google dictionary). This powerful statement is the most accurate meaning that expresses how thankful I felt for the opportunity we had to work with Toyota this past week.

 My family was given the opportunity to enjoy the 2019 Toyota Avalon for a week in Dallas. This car came at the right time because we were invited to see and be apart of multiple events around town and the 2019 Toyota Avalon would make attending these events even more fun, especially the Magical Lights displays in Grand Prairie. 

 The Toyota Avalon, along with the other Toyota vehicles we've experienced, are full of features that not only make the drive more enjoyable, but also a lot safer. The rear/front view camera is easy use because it shows multiple angles along with the birds eye view screen. 

 The in-dash screen options are easy to use and helpful, especially the speed monitoring radar that adjusts speed according to the car in front of you while using the cruise control on the highway. This was a great safety feature that was comforting to have on longer trips.

We only had one really cold day during the week, but it was enough to enjoy the multi-level seat warmers that are independently controlled to just the right temperature.

Toyota has been making very visible strides in advancing the safety features offered in their vehicles  and I appreciate knowing this fact when taking my family on road trips in a Toyota.

The 2019 Toyota Avalon has a very smooth and relaxing ride feel that we knew we had to take a couple short distance family trips including to see Christmas holiday lights a mini road trip to a Christmas tree Farm nearby in Terrell, TX, which is only an hour from Dallas. 

The Walls Family Tree farm is a family friendly farm where families and friends come to cut down there own tree for the holidays and this was something we wanted to do. I knew we couldn't fit the tree in the trunk which is already spacious enough for groceries and whatever else you need to fit. 

We opted to place the tree on the roof of the car and that was the perfect fit.  I was a little nervous about it being on top of the car, but again the sunroof shade stayed open for us to monitor it on the way home. 

The 2019 Toyota Avalon was more than enough space for us as a family of 5 but it would not be my first choice for a family of our size. My kids had moments of happy rides and they enjoyed the sportiness of the car's cool looks, but like all kids we had moments of chaos. So, I know if we had a third row option it would have alleviated some of the stress. 

Gobble, Gobble, we are especially thankful for Thanksgiving season blessings and the break that we allows us time to enjoy the company of our family.

Thank you Toyota for sponsoring this great experience.

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