2019 Toyota Avalon : Thanksgiving Weekend

 I wanted to lookup the definition of Thanksgiving and this is what I found: The expression of gratitude especially to God (google dictionary). This powerful statement is the most accurate meaning that expresses how thankful I felt for the opportunity we had to work with Toyota this past week.

 My family was given the opportunity to enjoy the 2019 Toyota Avalon for a week in Dallas. This car came at the right time because we were invited to see and be apart of multiple events around town and the 2019 Toyota Avalon would make attending these events even more fun, especially the Magical Lights displays in Grand Prairie. 

 The Toyota Avalon, along with the other Toyota vehicles we've experienced, are full of features that not only make the drive more enjoyable, but also a lot safer. The rear/front view camera is easy use because it shows multiple angles along with the birds eye view screen. 

 The in-dash screen options are easy to use and helpful, especially the speed monitoring radar that adjusts speed according to the car in front of you while using the cruise control on the highway. This was a great safety feature that was comforting to have on longer trips.

We only had one really cold day during the week, but it was enough to enjoy the multi-level seat warmers that are independently controlled to just the right temperature.

Toyota has been making very visible strides in advancing the safety features offered in their vehicles  and I appreciate knowing this fact when taking my family on road trips in a Toyota.

The 2019 Toyota Avalon has a very smooth and relaxing ride feel that we knew we had to take a couple short distance family trips including to see Christmas holiday lights a mini road trip to a Christmas tree Farm nearby in Terrell, TX, which is only an hour from Dallas. 

The Walls Family Tree farm is a family friendly farm where families and friends come to cut down there own tree for the holidays and this was something we wanted to do. I knew we couldn't fit the tree in the trunk which is already spacious enough for groceries and whatever else you need to fit. 

We opted to place the tree on the roof of the car and that was the perfect fit.  I was a little nervous about it being on top of the car, but again the sunroof shade stayed open for us to monitor it on the way home. 

The 2019 Toyota Avalon was more than enough space for us as a family of 5 but it would not be my first choice for a family of our size. My kids had moments of happy rides and they enjoyed the sportiness of the car's cool looks, but like all kids we had moments of chaos. So, I know if we had a third row option it would have alleviated some of the stress. 

Gobble, Gobble, we are especially thankful for Thanksgiving season blessings and the break that we allows us time to enjoy the company of our family.

Thank you Toyota for sponsoring this great experience.

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Ralph Breaks the Internet

Ralph Breaks the Internet.

 6 years after Wreck it Ralph and audiences are being treated to a sequel that has excited fans that are eager to see what happens when Ralph Breaks the Internet on November 21st. This new story is funny, exciting, and inspirational that audiences of all ages can relate to as Ralph and Vanellope navigate the world of the internet and test their friendship.


 My family enjoyed the advanced screening of the movie and we walked away with valuable takeaways that began important learning discussions with my kids after the movie.
I had the awesome opportunity to discuss these points with the two movie directors, Phil Johnston and Rich Moore.
Here is the interview:



There were some moments in the movie that talked about the value of friendships, loyalty, and insecurities that people can go through no matter the age, race and gender. This movie went there and covered topics that a lot of us go through but sometimes are afraid to face them and deal with the consequences of what may happen.

As a blogger there are times that I face insecurity of my content, the friends that may come and go, and also those who are loyal no matter what. These are all real issues that people go through and I appreciate the two movie directors Phil and Rich for offering this new perspective of trust and self-confidence.

There were a LOT of hilarious moments in the movie that I couldn't stop laughing, especially the princess parts and more. Ralph Breaks the Internet has been my best movie experience this fall. Come with your family and remember to stay at the end of the credits for fun surprises.

Thank you to Disney for this great opportunity to interview the two movie Directors Phil Johnston and Rich Moore.

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Sixty Vines in Plano

 Come to Sixty Vines in Plano to find a space to unwind and enjoy brunch on the weekends. Sixty Vines in Plano has been on my list of places to visit and I was thrilled at the invitation to try their brunch menu!

When you walk into Sixty Vines, it is like nothing I've seen in a restaurant. They have a very open,  modern and chill vibe in decor, style and feel of the restaurant. I felt like i was in someone's living room and being invited for a great meal. 

The first thing you will notice on the back wall is a great line up of wine on tap, which is intended to serve wine the way it should be chilled and perfect for every glass. There you will also find the Mimosa Bar catering to what you will need to make your mimosa unique to your palette. Expect to find sliced fruit, fresh squeezed fruit juices to complete your personalized mimosa. 

Chill out on the patio and request a seat by the fireplace if it is available. It is was were we sat on the patio and glad we chose to do so. There was a little chill in the air, but sitting near the fireplace was just enough warmth we needed.

The menu of wine and other drinks selection could be found on a tablet at each table, which is a cool twist on looking at a menu options. The drink selection is so vast that you really can try something new on each visit. 

I couldn't wait to order from the menu because everything looked like it would taste delicious so I really appreciated the waiter explaining the menu to us and suggesting a secret menu dish which is the short-rib Benedict, which is a brunch-time favorite for those that know. If you are a fan of short rib, polenta and poached egg, then order this exclusive dish.

Short-Rib Benedict 

 Texas Olive Oil- Citrus Cake

I ordered the fettuccine and I am glad that I did because this was on of the best pasta dishes that I have ever had, the creamy sauce, artichoke, grilled chicken was divine. I know this will be a dish I try again.

 Deviled Affogato 

The brunch menu here at Sixty Vines is well thought of and the attention to flavor combination is perfect. 

We are already scheming on when we will take our next visit here and I know that we will be back here soon, because we can't stop talking about the food, the experience, the vibe and the ambiance. 

This time I will opt to sit inside because the open modern theme is just to pretty that I want an Instagram picture. 

If you are a candle snob like me, you will appreciate the Rosemary candle by Ergo that is used throughout the restaurant and you will want to pick one up for your home. Make sure to buy one and thank me later.