Hawaiian Falls in Roanoke, TX


Summer fun in DFW just can't come to an end without a trip to Hawaiian Falls. My kids are all big fans of Hawaiian Falls because of all the fun slides, rides, lazy river and more. Here are some reasons why we LOVE Hawaiian Falls.  

Hawaiian Falls had an amazing event called the Luau and my family had the best time celebrating the Hawaiian culture and learning new Hula moves. The day began with some hula hoops, Hawaiian floral face paint, and a DJ. The hula hoops were really popular with Stella, she really enjoyed dancing to the music and shaking her hips with the hula hoops. Those moves really came in handy because later in the evening the Hula dancers really put on a show.

The Hula girls where super nice and friendly and it was nice to have them teach the crowd the moves. I felt confident in the moves because they made the lesson super easy. 

After the lessons the kids got to see one dancer use the fire poles, the boys enjoyed seeing the dancer throw the fire stick in the air and catch it and blow out a massive flame. This was pretty spectacular show for the kids to see. 

We felt super blessed to stay in one of the cabanas at HF. We stayed in the cabana #1. The Cabana was right by the Wave pool which is my kids favorite spot at the HF. They can swim and catch waves all at the same time which made it less stressful for us, because we were right at the edge of the wave pool. I would recommend that you rent a cabana at HF and go for #1. 

The food here is good and they offer a great variety. We had burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken tenders, hot dogs, ice cream and of course soft drinks. The service was the best and my kids really enjoyed the food, especially with a full day of swimming it was a great break to refuel. I also saw families come to water-park with coolers of food and drinks, it is a great option for families. 

If you are thinking about a trip to Hawaiian Falls, I would recommend you come here before summer ends. I am a big fan of the Roanoke location and the fun that my kids have here every summer. HF can also be found in Garland, The Colony, Mansfield, and Waco.

Check out below what Hawaiian Falls has going on for the end of summer deals and specials. 

July 29 – August 4 – School Worker Appreciation Week
Hawaiian Falls is offering school workers one last splash at all waterparks before returning to the classroom! Teachers, administrators, aides, custodians (anyone with a school ID) gets FREE admission with the purchase of a Big Kahuna ticket from July 29th through August 4th.

August 12 – 19 – Heroes Week 
During Heroes Week, Military and First Responders get FREE general admission at all waterparks by showing their badge. Each Hero can bring up to four guests for $21.99 each. 

5 Ways DFW Families can teach their kids about saving electricity/ Payless Power

5 Ways DFW Families can teach their kids about saving electricity

The following is a sponsored post brought to you by Payless Power, a DFW Energy Provider that gets DFW residents the lowest rates on electricity with the goal of decreasing the cost of electricity for all.

Making small changes in your day to day life is simple enough in theory, but it can be a lot harder than it sounds to break “bad energy habits”. The easiest way to avoid this problem? Not letting these habits develop in the first place! Now yes, we know you can’t go back in time and change your learned behaviour, but you can do the next best thing by instilling great power saving habits in your own children. Do this the right way, and by the time they’re your age, being energy efficient and eco-friendly will be their second nature!

Here are a few tips and tricks to help get you started:

1. Educate Them on Energy
The average five year-old has no idea about the concept of electricity and energy, so teach them! There are plenty of resources in libraries and online that will help you teach your little ones that it’s not magic powering the television and stove. Understanding the value of energy and everything involved in producing it is the first step to caring about conserving it.

2. Make Energy-Saving Fun
Something like clicking a power-off button might not sound very entertaining but when it comes to kids, anything can be a game. Why not keep a tally of how many light switches your children remember to turn off, and reward them when they reach a certain number? Or how about explaining the concept of wasting water, and time your family’s showers to see who can finish first?

3. Let Them Participate in Energy-Saving Activities
Kids love lending a helping hand and feeling like grown-ups, so include them next time you start an energy saving project. For instance, let them help you seal your windows with plastic to keep the heat in during the winter, or allow them to hang their own laundry up instead of using the dryer. Remember, good habits come from good actions.

4. Enjoy Eco-friendly Activities as a Family
TV shows, videogames, and computers might be the easiest way to entertain a child, but their certainly not the most energy-efficient. Try to regularly arrange good-old fashioned outdoor fun with your family, whether it be a nature-walk, a trip to the lake, or a skiing adventure. Aside from being eco-friendly, it’s also healthier and dare-we-say much more fun than any electrically charged fun!

5. Set a Good Example
Perhaps most important of all, set a good example for your children. Remember, monkey-see, monkey-do. Make a point of using good habits like turning off lights when you leave a room or changing the thermostat when you leave the house and your kids will follow suit!