Miami 1.0

We started our trip to Miami from Dallas at 3:00 am Sunday April 15th. This was one thing I will never do again with three kids is traveling at the crack of dawn and making a flight at 5:00 am. This was not a good decision on my part but the tickets to Miami were only $500.00 for all five of us. We had to get the tickets for that flight because I was not going to fly on spirit. We've been down that route and it was not pleasant.

We arrived at Miami International Airport and I immediately felt at home when I got guava pastry early in the morning for my kids breakfast. There is nothing like being back home from being away for a year and just eating all the foods I enjoy and wanting my kids try too. We love coming home and it was great to be back home. What I miss is that Miami blue sky, that I swear doesn't exist
anywhere else. The skies over Miami is so striking that sunglasses are needed all the time.

The two places I wanted to visit was Wynwood and the Miami Design district. These places have change so much since living in Miami. I like the changes but oh the stores at the Design District consist of Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and more. Super high end shopping that someday I will afford something.

Lunch was at the super chic and instagramable place called OTL Miami. The food here was adult friendly like the chicken salad, pear machanga sandwich, mint  lemonade and the kids enjoyed the french toast. Oh so good and delicious too. I like finding these little hidden gems in the city and it was a great find. I wanted to the avocado toast to take pics for the gram, but I know my kids would make a scene about it looking like green goo and not be interested in that. But it is okay, next time I'll get it myself.

After our instagrammable lunch at OTL we made the short ride to Wynwood. This is one of the places in the city that went through a major gentrification in a good way. That part of town has really cleaned up and brought in new business and a travelers destination. The big attraction here is of course the Wynwood Walls. People come from all around the world to see the graffiti art that takes up every single wall with art. I promise when you come here you won't find a single blank wall. That what makes Wynwood super cool, artist come here to make a statement through art and I like that. Similar to what we have in Deep Ellum.

I love my city and I love visiting every time we come. My top list of places in Wynwood.

  1. 1. The Salty Donuts
  2. 2. Coyo Taco
  3. 3. Panther Coffee
  4. 4. Wynwood Diner
  5. 5. Baccano Pizza
  6. 6. Wynwood Walls
  7. 7. OTL MIAMI

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