Spring Break 2018

Spring break 2018. What did you do? Did you stay here in Dallas and Fort Worth? Did you stay home and not do anything? Leave me a comment on what you did for spring break. It would be nice to share! But it was a nice break from waking up super early for school etc. 

We had one of the coolest vacations to San Antonio, explored Dallas and watched the NCAA men practice teams from Florida.

So let's begin, we were on the fence on whether we wanted to travel to San Antonio and go to Sea World. Because word on the street is that this is the last year that Shamu will perform for crowds of touristy folks like us. But last minute we decided no to to Sea World but instead stay at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country.

This was the best decision because we really enjoyed this resort. Maybe i'm getting old/or lazy but I am a fan of resort all inclusive stays. This resort has it all. We arrived early in the morning and got our room so fast. This helped because we were able to leave our luggage in the room, have a quick change and go swimming at the Ramblin River. This is the longest lazy river that we've been on and the kids loves it. We didn't use the tubes that often but are there if you need them. 

We got swimming and the jacuzzi done first and spent the rest of that afternoon doing planned out spring break activities at the resort. Most of the activities were happening at Aunt Mary's Lawn.

There were endless things to do at the resort from, bike rides, face painting, s'mores, family bingo, golfing and tons more. I highly recommend you stay here and get that hill country feel with a property that's nestled in the hill country and oak tress. Tip: Stay on the ground level near Pats Place, because you are near the playground. 

  • -We did shopping at the La Cantera in San Antonio
  • -Stopped at Buc-ee's in New Braunfels and Temple, TX
  • -Had Apple strudels at Naegelin's


Dallas of course had so many things going on that it was hard to just keep it simple, but I did.

Day 2. We went to Dallas Arboretum with some friends and I finally got to explore some of the spots we've never been. The boys took a lab class all about dirt and that was FUN. We then walked around the Children's Garden and took the kids to T. Boone Pickens Pure Energy area. This is where the kids got to witness how water, solar and wind can make energy into electricity. I think we stayed there for 30 minutes.  Then next this was one place in the Arboretum that was new to me. The Incredible Edible Garden had me wishing I bought a bowl and salad dressing. The greens and veggies here looked delicious. You gotta check our that part of the garden with kids. It's a great teachable moment about where our food comes from. Of course we saw the tulips which is our favorite this time of season. We will be back that's for sure.

Day 3. I wanted to get a pie on Pie Day. 3.14 but that didn't happen. But we went to the Dallas Performing Arts pavilion for some STEM activities. After that we went to the AAC for the NCAA March Madness team practice. I was super excited to see my favorite teams from Florida practice and cheer them on. After yelling and stuffing our face with popcorn we went to Picole Pops in the Bishop Art's District. This place has some good popsicle with bizarre flavors that actually go together. My son go the Caramel Cheesecake dipped in milk chocolate. I seriously helped him finish. I got the Strawberry with sweet and condensed milk in the center. Ohhh soo good. We will be back SOOON,

Day 4. I have been wanting to visit Juiceland for the longest. After I saw that President Obama visited the location in Austin, I knew I had to try it. This is a new location in Dallas and let me say this place is legit good. I really wanted to try something small and inexpensive and I got something from the kids menu. I tried the honey beary and it was good. Let me tell you that I am coming back here and I get that smoothie bowl. Far warning that its a lil pricey but the flavors are just right. They have a new location on N. Lovers Lane. 

Day 5. Oh so your going to judge me because I went to the Waffle House. Go ahead because I will be going back again. I mean if you've been to a waffle house it seems like all the employees look the same no matter what. But they know how to cook. The Waffles here are so thick, yet fluffy and crispy. how do they do it? The typical eggs and sausage was on point too plus the grits. I like it and the kid ate well so guess what? We are going there again soon, especially since the one by my house in brand spanking new. 

Day 6. Irving Tennis Classic is one of the coolest sports event we went too. Tennis at the Four Seasons sounds super posh and fancy and it wasn't that at all. The games were super fast and was very entertaining. I didn't realize that even the men would grunt when they hit ball. Is it really that intense? We were hosted with the city of Irving and enjoyed VIP Seating and delicious food from the Four Seasons.What a bougie way to watch tennis, but low key we liked being spoiled. I had a blast and only thing is that we had to continue to distract Stella because a loud screaming child is unacceptable at a tennis game. Go figure.