Labor Day Weekend in DFW

 DFW summers are simply the best because of the many activities that go on around the city. Labor Day weekend is just around the corner and what better way to say goodbye to a Texas summer than with these great attractions going on in DFW. Enjoy the last bit of summer with this list of unique gems around DFW and make the most of your memories. 

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Red Door Escape Room Giveaway!

Are you tired of the same ol date night/girls night outings? If you are like me, than the answer is yes. I have always looked forward to my girls nights and doing fun things with my friends. When I heard about the Red Door Escape room I knew I had to try it with my girls. 

The Escape room is one of those places where everyone who goes has a role to play in the game. If you're not familiar with escape rooms, its a serious of clues you find and need to use in the rooms in order to solve the mystery. We played in the " Lost Ruins" game and it had the most amazing tribal theme. The clues were hidden well, but we were super confident that we would escape. 

It really takes a teamwork approach and everyone really needs to get involved in helping each other. The girls and I really had the most amazing time together and I know that we learned a lot from each other, especially who is the smartest one. With that said, we escaped the room with only 4 minutes left on the time clock. 

So if you are ready for a change from the dinner and the movie dates, come out to Red Door Escape Room and experience something great and strengthen those friendships.

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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

 This summer has been going by so fast and the best part of summers in Dallas is the theme parks and attractions. It's great that Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is nearby so that we can experience these cool attractions any day of the week. 

 We knew we wanted to experience this awesome water park with our family. We are so glad that we did and can't wait to experience it again.

 Water Parks are a fun place that families can come together and experience some cool rides. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor makes it possible for you to do that by offering a great variety of rides for kids of all ages. My kids knew what they wanted to do when we arrived at the water park.
I suggest that you go ahead and grab a map of the park to get a feel of what you wanted to do.

 The kids were all about riding the waves at the wave pool. I know that the waves was their favorite at the park but the children were also excited to see which ride to try next. I found it extremely helpful that Hurricane Harbor had a large display board which showed the height chart and what rides the kids can do. We had some tears over what they couldn't ride, but trust me, there was plenty of rides they could do. 

 The ones that they liked was the Sea Wolf, the Blue Lagoon and the lazy river. I know your kids will want to stay at the Hooks Lagoon Tree-house, it had plenty of attractions at this one spot and we could just chill out and still be able to watch the kids. We really had a great time here at the Hurricane Harbor and I am little sad that the summer is winding down.
 I know for sure that my family had a blast going to Hurricane Harbor and if you want see our thrilling video, check out my Instagram account. In_Dfwfamily is where you can find us.

Here is a list of my top 5 ways to enjoy your stay at Hurricane Harbor.

1. Come early during the day and preferably going on weekdays. We experienced short lines and that made it that more fun throughout the day.

2. Take a map with you and chill out first to get an idea of what you want to do. That way you can check all of the spots you want to see and enjoy without missing any of the fun.

3. Buy the water proof case for your phone/camera. If you want to take pictures of all of the smiles or video while swimming, its the best. We found ours in the souvenir store. You will LOVE it.

4. Wear water shoes all around the water park, it really saves your feet from some of the hot walkways.

5. Find a shaded spot for lounging if you are going with younger kids. This really helps with them not getting so HOT, and cool down for a bit between rides.

 Overall, have the best time here at the Hurricane Harbor with your family. It's a memory that you will not forget and your kids will be begging to go back. Especially if you are driving by on I-30 they will for sure remind you of the fun they had.

 Thank you to Six Flags for the tickets to come here and enjoy this awesome place.