Dallas has a Sweet tooth!

Dallas sure has a sweet tooth. I was always a lover for cupcakes, and thought i knew all about the best ones in the city. Dallas sure some sweet spots that I really like to visit and Bird Bakery is by far one of my favorites. I really like the variety that they have and the serve hot meals too. I am a sucker for the sweets and this place is soo good. Here is why.

I like this place for the variety that they have. I am so obsessed with cupcakes that i really don't go for the pies, cookies or the brownie. But I should've tried some here. I cant say that i tried them but y'all  will next time. I know that cupcakes are so good. They offer the tiny cupcakes and the regular sizes to. I was so tempted to get one of each flavor but I opted for just three. I got the southern red velvet, the BIRD blue vanilla and the fresh strawberry. Everything that I got was soo good y'all. 

I cant wait to go back here again with some friends soon. I want to get something off the lunch menu and try a pie and cookie. Not only do they have a pretty sitting area, they have a nice little nook for the kids too. They have coloring books, TV and just cute all over. I love it here and love that its family friendly. Ill be back soon that's for sure.


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