Legoland Discovery at Grapevine Mills.

 Wait, so you have kids in your home that are really obsessed with Legos too. We were super excited when we had the opportunity to go to Legoland and experience this wonderful place. The Legoland experience is one that is very cool. Your kids will really like being apart of an amazing real life lego journey. 

The Legoland experience is like no other, when you look at the place from outside you don't expect so many exhibits. This place has an laser game that takes you around in a awesome car and the kids can be apart of the whole journey of rescuing the princess. I know that my kids really liked that experience.

The legoland journey was what we needed for the kids this summer break. We wanted them to have fun, yet to learn about many other ways that legos has made an impact on so many people. In one of the exhibits my kids were amazed at the way people built legos like that Dallas Skyline. They were stunned at how big some of the structures were and the details that went into each piece. This by far is a learning experience that we were able to teach the kids about how people use legos for modern art. What a neat experience to see how amazed the kids were and see how legos can be used in a whole new way. 

My boys really enjoyed building legos to make race cars to race against other kids there. I am going to be honest and say that was by far the coolest thing. They wanted to build and be a master builder. They wanted to compete with others and show off their skills. I know that getting in that bucket and pulling out many different pieces of legos and coming up with a unique design was the highlight. That was the whole journey and the experience for them, getting in that bucket of legos and showing off, that they too can be master builders. 

Thank You to Visit Grapevine for this awesome experience and all opinions are my own. 

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