Grapevine Vintage Railroad

 We are always finding ways to go to the city of Grapevine and experiencing the many kid friendly attractions. We were gifted tickets to ride the vintage train in downtown Grapevine. This experience I had with my family was one we wanted to do since we knew about it. The trains are one of the biggest attractions in Grapevine and lots of families come here for that. My kids are big train enthusiasts, they really like reading books on trains and watching show about them as well. It was only fitting that they were super excited to ride on such a magnificent train.

 The trains are really big and several train cars make up the unit. They offer trains with outdoor seating and air conditioned cabins. I really liked both options when riding the trains with your family. My kids especially like riding near the windows to get a better view. One of the coolest things on the ride is the snacks that they provide to the riders. Of course my kids were all about getting snacks on the train. The good thing is that snacks are cheap in price and the popcorn was our favorite. So I recommend picking a comfy spot on the train and give your kids the window seat. You will thank us for that.


The coolest part of the train ride is of course the destination. You will arrive at the Stockyards in Ft. Worth and given a few hours to walk around and have time to grab lunch. The Stockyards is also a fun destination to go with your family and see life as a cowboy herding longhorns. The kids really loved it and we ate yummy food while at the Stockyards. We had some ice cream before getting back on the train. 

 We are big fans of trains and I know that your family will enjoy this time together. Disconnect from your phones for a few hours and soak in some quality time. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing the joy in your kids eyes experiencing something as cool as riding in a vintage train. That will only be experienced by being together and sharing those moments looking out the window. 

Have FUN

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