Akola Project

 What do you know about Akola Project? I knew I like the beautiful jewelry, but there was a story. If you don't know, but I am a child of an immigrant. My mom came to the United States for a better life for herself. In that decision she knew she wanted better. Women are always striving harder for the legacy they want to live behind. I am proud of her and what she needed to do to accomplish that goal. 

  Akola Project  is transforming the lives of women in Uganda and their children's in the community. This non profit is helping ladies with training and economic opportunities. Those opportunities include making beautiful jewelry by hand. A talent that these women have is outstanding and creating art of jewelry is so inspiring. What a blessing to these ladies to be able to gain confidence in them selves and thrive in their communities. This for me a testimony of women striving to have the best and to carry themselves up.

Women from all the world are all so similar, no matter in Dallas, Haiti, or even Uganda. We need to have courage and lift each other and encourage each other to live to their up-most potential. I really like what the Akola Project stands for and the mission they have to continue to do the best.

Take the time and check out what they are doing here in Dallas to help women re-enter the workforce, because we need to left our sisters here in Dallas too. 

Thank You Akola Project for my beautiful necklace and I'm proud to wear it and know I am apart o something bigger than myself. 

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