Sea Life at Grapevine!

 You should already know about Sea Life at the Grapevine Mall. This beautiful aquarium at the mall has been on our bucket list of places to visit as a family. Our kids really enjoy the beauty of marine life and all kinds of nature experiences. The Sea Life at grapevine really captures that beauty and essence.

 We really liked the whole Dive and Find adventure books that you receive upon arrival at the aquarium. Its a really nice and interactive experience that gets the whole family engaged in leaning about the different marine life. I was amazed at how my 4 year old liked searching around for the different info booths called "dive stations" where he can get his books stamped with an image of the fish he is learning about. The whole experience of looking and searching for the dive stations gets your kids engaged and I also recommend you take the time to read and learn more at each one you find. 

 I was really impressed with the size of of the aquarium and the many marine life and the habitats that they are native to the species. You really feel as if you are a apart of the world of the starfish, sharks and little clown fish. I really enjoy watching with my kids the way the sting rays move with ease and peacefulness. 

 If you are like us then Sea Life at Grapevine will be on your bucket list and you will soon get to cross it off, this will be an experience that you will take pleasure in and learn more about the sea life 
around us. 

have fun,

Thank You to the Visit Grapevine for the experience, all opinions are my own.

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