Plai Place in Dallas

 What are your plans this summer, I hope that you have planned summer camps. If you are looking for a summer art camp the Plai Place in Dallas is where you want to be. We had the great chance to meet up with Ms. Joi and do some amazing art projects with her. 

 Ms. Joi has been an educator for the past 14 years and she has a joy and passion to teach kids the beauty of art through play and creative projects. With that said, each day in the month is a themed art project that teaches children many creative ways to do art. The class we got to participate in was the shades of color. My kids were excited to use vibrant colors as well as shaving cream and glue to make textured paint. What a creative way to use paint and the kids were super excited about it. 

 The art project was to use the textured paint to create ice cream cones. What a great idea Ms. Joi had for us to get into that summer mood. Ms. Joi and her creative ideas makes it that more fun to take a class from her, and know that your kids will come away with a great art project done in a unique way. Nothing about her class is cliche art, but thinking outside the box. 

 I hope that you can come with some mommy friends, or just bring your kids for an awesome art experience like no other. My kids and their friends had a great time. I know yours will too. 


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