iFLY in Dallas

 If you want a adventure of a lifetime then try skydiving. If you are brave enough go and try to jump out of plane. If you're like us then doing something so extreme with kids will be out of the question. We were gifted a chance to experience indoor skydiving at iFLY in Dallas and it was amazing. Indoor skydiving is one of the coolest experiences to have with older family members and children together. 

 I was really lucky to have a husband who like the idea of trying it out with our oldest son. They were really into the whole enjoyment and couldn't wait to take flight. They first had in class instructions of what they needed to learn in order to know what to do once they got inside the wind tunnel. After that they got suited up and were whisk away with other flyers to join in. 

 I really like that the instructor was calm and relaxed and treated all of the students fair. Everyone looked happy when being helped and guided. I was impressed with my husband who needed very little help and was able to hold himself and twirl around and managed to give us a smile through the glass. I was also impressed with my oldest son who is usually afraid to try anything, really dived in and had a blast. This I think gave him a little pep in his step and has the confidence to do anything. This surely was an adventure I needed him to have.

 So with that said, bring your family and try the iFLY and see what confidence you will achieve when you step out of your comfort zone and take flight. 


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  2. Wow, wonderful place, I should try indoor sky diving once ...

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