Biggest Baby Shower in Dallas, TX Hosted by Big City Moms.

 I am mother of three , Dallas influencer and cool mom. All of these traits are pretty cool, but I soon realized that I'm really not that cool. I was invited to the Biggest Baby Shower in Dallas hosted by Big City Moms as a guest to see all the new products that are new to the market. I was really blown away at all the amazing products that where at the show. The products that caught my eye where the ones that weren't around 8 years ago when I had my first born. 

 I was amazed at the 4moms Origami Stroller, this is the most high tech stroller I've seen on the market, it has head lights and tail lights. It was able to track your steps and charge your phone. Whoa, that's right charge your cell phone. This is pretty cool technology that wasn't around 8 years ago. Also products like Fresh Wave odor eliminators was a brand that kept bad smells away when you needed a fresh clean smell after a diaper change. I really liked the Shea Moisture line that had special body cream that was geared for moms. 


 Also it was nice to see the top leading brands in diapers such and Huggies and Pampers. The guest were required to fill out surveys and where handed out free diapers. The moms where really eager to get the free diapers and who wouldn't want free diapers. The Huggies booth was one that was crowded and a lot of the new parents where looking over the diapers and wipes to get a better understanding of the brand. 

 The Biggest Baby Shower was not only about " products " there were seminars for moms to attend and learn more on different topics of interest and also raffles to giveaway amazing products. I was impressed with the gifts that were raffled off. Also clothes from Matilda Jane and Child Care Company called Sitting Made Simple that takes the stress out of finding child care when you need it for any occasion. I was also excited to see bay carries from Tula, because  I loved carrying my daughter when she was young. It was a great variety of information that was well received by the moms. 

 What I appreciated was a lot of food and snacks for the attendees. The food was great and a good variety of options. It was pretty awesome to see Sprinkles Cupcakes attend the event and hand out samples of red velvet cupcakes. Not only where the sweets plenty mock-tails were also available for the moms. This event had something for everyone to enjoy and have a great time. 

 The Biggest Baby Shower has something for everyone to come and learn and see new amazing products. I went into this event as an influencer and mother of three, and left as a cool mom who knew so much of the trendy products. I am still going through my awesome gift bag that was given to at the end of the event and I feel blessed to share them with my mommy friends. 

 Don't hesitate and grab some tickets to the Biggest Baby Shower when it comes to a city near you. 

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