Irving Hidden Canals

 Did you know that Irving had canals? Irving has so many options for fun in the city. If you haven't seen the canals its time for you to check them out. It is a really sweet place to go and explore with your family. What you didn't know is that you can have a Gondola Adventure ride with your significant other. Not only can you have a ride on the Gondola you can have dinner, lunch or just take a ride. I was excited to hear about this option at the Irving Canals. 

The city of Irving has been adding new and fun destinations places. The canals are one of the coolest places to check out and I hope you can give it a try and see what you will like. What I hope would happen is that more entertainment and restaurants be added along the canals. This would add more attraction and buzz around the area. 

 If you are looking for a great family day at the Irving Canals you will want to keep this day on your calendar. April 22nd 2017 is the day you will have a blast with your family. The Canal Fest, Irving. TX will be a great family friendly event with music, food and local artist. This family friendly event has something for everyone and you will see the canals come to life with entertainment. I like this annual event and I know that it will spark more attractions to come and be apart of this hidden beauty in Irving. 

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