What's Gentrification?

Wynwood? who are you and what happened to the city that I called home. Most of you don't know but I am from Miami. I call it home and grateful that I can. I miss my city the way it used to be and what it has become is foreign to me. I want to be excited for the changes, but how can I be? I love Wynwood and what it has become but it lacks that Puerto Rican vibe that it once had. I see new stores, restaurants and lots more graffiti. This was my old stomping grounds where I would walk to school and see my friends, now I don't recognized anything.

What is the whole point of gentrification? I've seen it happen here in Dallas and its been great to see the changes, but I have little knowledge about what it was like here. What I know is my city of Miami and I am glad to see that its a lot cleaner and pretty and sparkly, but that's about it. You can mask the city with a lot of glitter but it will always be my Wynwood. I know what lies behind the shine and it was the families that came to Miami to make a better life for their kids. I am that child who was from an immigrant mother that came to have a better life. These tourist will never know that story, but are always eager to wait in line for minutes just to try a Mexican taco. What happened to eating authentic Puerto Rican food?

I am glad that I will call Miami home and show my family the REAL Miami and what its all about, from where it was and what it has become. I miss the old city but I am eager to see where the city will go and what new opportunities it will bring to the residents. This experiment of gentrification will only work when you lift those up and give them opportunities to work and provide for their families. I love it when we can all work together to build up our cities for the better.

I will say that I really liked my food from Panther Coffee and the relaxed vibe that it had. The city needed a spot where the locals can gather for a morning drink and breakfast. I love the fact that its not a Starbucks but locals making it their own. The food was great and the wait was short. I just cant wait to go back and explore more and eat more.

lick Ice Cream

 What do you mean by honest lick ice cream? I've been wanting to try this place out ever since I heard about it. When we saw that they had a location in San Antonio, I had to try it. This location is at the pearl district. Its a really neat spot that we will check again. Tons of places to eat as well. Here are some pics of what I got. It was the cinnamon sugar cookie, and my oldest picked it out. Honestly it was so good!