Magical Winter Lights 2017 & Giveaway

 Are you ready for a Magical Winter Lights experience? This is the largest Lantern festival in the United States and something that would be great to make memories as a family.  I am very impressed with that title because everything is bigger here in Texas and what better way to have a grand event here. 

This event started in Houston and this will be the first time they are bringing the lights here to Lone Star Park in Grandprairie.  The Magical Winter lights will have the Chinese lanterns on display that are larger than you will see anywhere else. The event will also include food court and nightly performances. 

I have a GIVEAWAY of 5 Family 4 packs to experience the Magical Winter Lights at Lone Star Park. This is a giveaway that I know you will want to enter and experience the lights with your family. The giveaway will be on my Instagram page and I hope you are following for a chance to win. 


Good LUCK,

I am doing a giveaway of only 20 tickets to see an Advance Screening of the movie A Bad Moms Christmas at the Harkins Southlake on October 30th @ 7pm.

1. Please comment below, I want to know what is on your Christmas List. Have you even started thinking about what you want for yourself?

2. Click the link below to get your tickets and take a friend with you for a girls night. PLEASE arrive early for your seats for the movie. Movie starts at 7pm, so be there early. 

3. Comment/ DM on my Instagram page so I know if you entered.

A day in Lewisville!

        A day in Lewisville

A day in Lewisville should be on your city tour bucket list. We love to eat at Cavalli pizza and of course check out old town Lewisville! Click link below for my Visit DFW itinerary of fun! I love it and I know you will use it with your family too!

Points of Light for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and we like to look for fun and safe ways to celebrate Halloween. The Point of Lights is a great way for your family and neighbors to get excited about the holiday.


What is Point of Light? It is a clear globe that has beautiful sparkle lights that show a dazzling display of lights. The lights change colors from spooky purple and orange, creepy green and more sequences of colors. The remote that comes with the globe is what you will use to change the colors. 

The Point of Light has really made our block more festive. The neighbor's kids have been to our home several times just to see the colors shown on our house. Our kids like that the house shines a little brighter at night. 

We like to keep it simple, safe and fun for the kids. If you are looking for a fun way to display Halloween colors on your house and not deal with string lights, than this can be an ideal option for you. 

Hello- Mommys. Alexandra Gray Cardigan

I love fall weather and I really love dressing for fall too. I am always looking for clothes that I can wear that's comfortable and easy to style. I was so happy to get in contact with the online store Hello-Mommys and be gifted an item to choose from the online store. It was a tough decision because everything on the website was very nice and super affordable. 

What does comfort feel and look for me? I am a very basic t-shirt, high waist jeans and vans mom. My life involves a lot of running errands, taking pictures around Dallas for my blog and of course my favorite running around with my kids. My comfort is a priority to me and I appreciate brands that make comfortable clothes. It's very important to me feel cozy. If you are a mom like me who is on the go then you can relate. Don't you just hate the feeling of being restricted and clothes not looking right on. 

I hope that you can be inspired by my simple look and how I styled it with the simple Alexandra Gray cardigan from Hello-Mommys. The fabric feels super soft and just the perfect layering piece with any outfit, I felt as if I could wear it with jeans and a t-shirt, and even with a dress. Keeping an outfit easy and simple is smart for a lot of reasons. This cardigan is a great addition to my minimal look that I want to keep up, less is more and I can rotate clothes by just changing the key pieces. 

In_DFWFamily takes over D.C.


I am always excited about taking trips to new places with my family. To explore new places with my children and experiencing the excitement with them. But this weekend was a different weekend for me in a different city. I knew I wanted to do something for my birthday and at first I was planning a trip to go see J.LO with my closest friends. But when that trip fell through I still wanted to go somewhere for my birthday. Hence, the idea of a mommy solo trip to visit a friend in D.C.

Washington D.C. is one of my favorite places to go. We've been there a few times as a family and I really enjoy all of the American history that the city offers. There still are so many National Monuments that I would like to see and to visit with more time of course. I knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do, and because I was prepared it made the trip that more chilled and easy.

First we had brunch at the place called Bus Boys and Poet. This place was recommend by my BFF. With several locations in the city we knew we wanted to find a place with easy parking. The parking in D.C. is terrible, which is why the locals take the subways all around. As a tourist in D.C. I think the subway is so much fun.

The subway system is pretty easy to navigate, but you really have to have a knowledge of where you want to go and which exit you need to take. My friend mapped out each location for us and made the trip less stressful and easy. I had a great time being on the train and of course, I enjoyed people watching along the way.

Here is the list of some great places that we visited during my trip to D.C. If you're ever in D.C, I hope this list helps you make your adventure in D.C. more enjoyable.

1. Bus Boys and Poet
2. Milk @ City Center
3. Momofuku @ City Center
4. Ben's Chili Bowl @ U-Street
5. Georgetown Cupcakes @ M-Street
6. The Society Restaurant @ Silver Springs
7. Duck Donuts @ Gaithersburg 
8. Lincoln Memorial
9. Nandos 
10. Dean and Deluca @ Georgetown M-Street
11. & other stories @ Georgetown M-Street

Magnolia at the Silos, is a trip worth it?

 Have you seen the show Fixer Upper? Well if you haven't heard about this show then you are living under a rock. This is a power couple duo based out of Waco that flip homes and have a show that features their demo and design skills. They usually get the homes for really cheap and client families set a budget for the homes to transform with ship-lap. Well, enough about the show, go find it on HGTV or Netflix and you will be hooked.

 We are lucky to live in Dallas and only be 1 hour and half away from Waco and the Silos. This place has been one of the many destination spots that girls take girl trips, and ladies drag their husbands to see Magnolia at the Silos. The Silos is an amazing and gorgeous property nestled near downtown Waco. Is it really worth the hype?

 My answer is YES. Of course I am going to say yes. You need to come to experience this place once if you're in the close proximity. The drive for those that live in Texas is pretty awesome because we are truly spoiled with the scenery along the way. Once you make it you will have fun. There is something for everyone to enjoy. The food trucks, the storefront, the bakery and the list goes on. I know that you will enjoy being lazy on the lawn and watching the kids play. We really enjoy that about the silos, the environment there is so chill that you really lose track of time just being there. I highly recommend that you take the time to really look around the grounds and see all the nooks and crannies of this place. You will be amazed at all you will see and might even miss some amazing gems if you don't. 

 I also liked the variety of food trucks at the Silos. They had BBQ, rice bowls, fresh juice and crepes. I mean if you do it right, everyone needs to get something from every truck that they like. It's awesome to share and get a good taste of what others may have. I really enjoy that part. We also found the popcorn stand offering delicious popcorn that I wish we bought extra to bring back home with us. 

 The Store is also massive. You can feel overwhelmed inside because it was super crowded. The store has so much to see that I really didn't get a chance to see everything. I say go by yourself inside the store to just be safe that your kids wont knock things down. I also noticed that the bottom floor of the store was less crowded and check out was fast. I went in for a candle because they smell amazing and was happy about that purchase.

 Y'all have fun and take a trip to Waco and see what the Silos at Magnolia has to offer. I can't wait to drive only 1 hour and half back to the Silos to finally try the Cupcakes. YUMMY. 

Labor Day Weekend in DFW

 DFW summers are simply the best because of the many activities that go on around the city. Labor Day weekend is just around the corner and what better way to say goodbye to a Texas summer than with these great attractions going on in DFW. Enjoy the last bit of summer with this list of unique gems around DFW and make the most of your memories. 

Make sure to click the Visit DFW link to have your list of the 8 family-friendly events to check out Labor Day weekend. 

Red Door Escape Room Giveaway!

Are you tired of the same ol date night/girls night outings? If you are like me, than the answer is yes. I have always looked forward to my girls nights and doing fun things with my friends. When I heard about the Red Door Escape room I knew I had to try it with my girls. 

The Escape room is one of those places where everyone who goes has a role to play in the game. If you're not familiar with escape rooms, its a serious of clues you find and need to use in the rooms in order to solve the mystery. We played in the " Lost Ruins" game and it had the most amazing tribal theme. The clues were hidden well, but we were super confident that we would escape. 

It really takes a teamwork approach and everyone really needs to get involved in helping each other. The girls and I really had the most amazing time together and I know that we learned a lot from each other, especially who is the smartest one. With that said, we escaped the room with only 4 minutes left on the time clock. 

So if you are ready for a change from the dinner and the movie dates, come out to Red Door Escape Room and experience something great and strengthen those friendships.

ENTER BELOW and Click the link below for a chance to win a voucher card for TWO, and tell me who you will take with you and why?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

This summer has been going by so fast and the best part of summers in Dallas is the theme parks and attractions. It's great that Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is nearby so that we can experience these cool attractions any day of the week. We knew we wanted to experience this awesome water park with our family. We are so glad that we did and can't wait to experience it again.

Water Parks are a fun place that families can come together and experience some cool rides. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor makes it possible for you to do that by offering a great variety of rides for kids of all ages. My kids knew what they wanted to do when we arrived at the water park.
I suggest that you go ahead and grab a map of the park to get a feel of what you wanted to do.

The kids were all about riding the waves at the wave pool. I know that the waves was their favorite at the park but the children were also excited to see which ride to try next. I found it extremely helpful that Hurricane Harbor had a large display board which showed the height chart and what rides the kids can do. We had some tears over what they couldn't ride, but trust me, there was plenty of rides they could do. The ones that they liked was the Sea Wolf, the Blue Lagoon and the lazy river. I know your kids will want to stay at the Hooks Lagoon Tree-house, it had plenty of attractions at this one spot and we could just chill out and still be able to watch the kids. We really had a great time here at the Hurricane Harbor and I am little sad that the summer is winding down. I know for sure that my family had a blast going to Hurricane Harbor and if you want see our thrilling video, check out my Instagram account. In_Dfwfamily is where you can find us.

Here is a list of my top 5 ways to enjoy your stay at Hurricane Harbor.

1. Come early during the day and preferably going on weekdays. We experienced short lines and that made it that more fun throughout the day.

2. Take a map with you and chill out first to get an idea of what you want to do. That way you can check all of the spots you want to see and enjoy without missing any of the fun.

3. Buy the water proof case for your phone/camera. If you want to take pictures of all of the smiles or video while swimming, its the best. We found ours in the souvenir store. You will LOVE it.

4. Wear water shoes all around the water park, it really saves your feet from some of the hot walkways.

5. Find a shaded spot for lounging if you are going with younger kids. This really helps with them not getting so HOT, and cool down
for a bit between rides.

Overall, have the best time here at the Hurricane Harbor with your family. It's a memory that you will not forget and your kids will be begging to go back. Especially if you are driving by on I-30 they will for sure remind you of the fun they had.

Thank you to Six Flags for the tickets to come here and enjoy this awesome place.