Modern Market

 I am sure that I am not the only mom who wants wonderful food choices that are healthy and really good. Recently in Irving the Modern Market has made its debut. Its a great addition to the city and I am glad that we have one super close to us. This is  restaurant has an incredible story of the mission they are  wanting to share.

I want to share with you that mission in my own words to you. The founders quit their jobs in the pursuit of opening a restaurant where people can enjoy good healthy food. In their words that say that added sugar is the +devil+ and the good fats there friend. To me that speaks volumes. I can see that they are taking the time seek out good local produce and meats to be cooked from scratch.

When you walk into Modern Market you really get a feel  for the vision of the owners. I feel like I am walking into a kitchen and my personal chef is cooking my family a tasty meal. The food is portioned out really well and you don't feel like your overeating at all. We ordered the chicken plate and the half pizza for the kids. The food was light and just enough for a child to eat. They really got the portions down right that a kid can eat and not leave any leftovers. I ordered the steak, root veggies, and the sweet potato mash. It was really delicious and just enough to satisfy. My husband is the most adventurous type and he ordered the egg plant and goat cheese sandwich with half soup.  

If you are into the breakfast scene then give Modern Market a try. We had the whole grain waffles and the scramble. It was so delicious that I am drooling just thinking about the waffles. It was super delicious and I couldn't get over the hot maple syrup that comes with it. I am convinced that maple syrup needs to go on anything squared with holes in them. Like a delicious waffle. They stop serving breakfast at 11am. 

Just an FYI. Kids eat for free on Sunday and Monday after 5pm. This is important to know when you can get a break on check.  

* I was sent a gift-card to give an honest review. All of the pictures, thoughts and reviews are all my own.


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