Weekend of October /15th - 16th 2016/

Whats Your plans for the weekend?

We all know that the State Fair is happening this month and of course pumpkin patches too. Take a break this weekend and do something different with the kids and make more memories.

Ft. Worth Alliance Air Show

1. We have been to the Ft. Worth Alliance Airshow now for 4 years. Its happening this weekend 10/15-16th/2016.  We look forward to it year long. This is a family friendly event with loads to see and do. Fair style food will be available for purchase and of course toys too. The event is FREE and the entrance to the airport is $20.  Its not too bad for a great show and the kids will love seeing the jets fly above. * bring earmuffs or earplugs for the kids. It can get really loud. 

Celina Balloon Festival

1. This is a super amazing balloon show to go see. This weekend 10/15/2016
Event Time: 11:00:00 AM till 11:00:00 PM.
We've bee to the Celina Balloon Festival  and love it so much. The balloons are super close to see and just amazing. The carnival comes to this small town and fun rides for everyone. I was impressed with this community event and the people than come far and wide. I didn't know anything about this little town and now i can recall it on the map. Take a ride north of the metroplex and get a small town feel and great balloon show. Prices- Adults $10; Students $5; Children 5 and under FREE; Military & Senior Citizens $5. Its worth it and the kids will have a blast. 

In_ DFW Foodie

Time to check out my favorite burger place in Dallas. Off Site Kitchen This is a great burger joint that serves yummy tacos too. I was surprised when I ordered a taco from Off site and it was good. Give it s try in the Trinity Grove.  

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