5 Camping Tips with Kids

We are a family that loves to camp! we've explored many State Parks and feel like we have a grasp on some key factors into a fun camping experience. I will just list my TOP 5 camping essentials!

1. Kids Backpacks- 

 Have your children carry there own camping gear. We bought them each a rolling backpack that they can use to pack gear. Of course I pack the clothes, but they are responsible in packing toys, games, and stuff animals. I like to give them the freedom of choosing what they like and they are happy with the choices they make.

2. Flashlights- 

 This is something that can easily be forgotten. trust me its happened to us once. We always make sure to grab head lamps for each one of us. Its the most convenient way to be hands free and still get things done in the dark. The kids really think its cool walking around the cap with head lamps and plaything with each other. The only thing is to not stare into each others face, because the lights will flash in your eyes. Otherwise its super fun and the kids love them. We bought ours from Walmart.

3. Tissue Paper- 

 This is a necessity. You need to pack this immediately in your car. Most parks have public restrooms and showers, Which is a plus. We love the fact that we can get a hot shower! But really bring toilet paper and baby wipes. This is a life saver because we all know how important it is to stay clean. I think you get the point. Moving on to number 4.

4. Watches- 

 Always, I repeat always bring a watch. I was recently sent a watch to review from Jord Wood Watches and I am glad that I did. This watch came in time. I didn't have a watch that was sturdy enough to take on my camping trip. I needed something that was nice but still have an edge to it. The watch that I received was the Fieldcrest Dark Sandalwood. A watch is something I find that is necessary for a outdoor trip.Most of the time there is no reception and you can loose track of time. We often forget that back in the days we relied on watches for everything especially time. And I vowed that I would put away my phone when we go camping. The point of camping is to disconnect from the world and spend that tine with your family. I just bring a DSLR camera to capture moments and memories and chill out in our camper and eat dutch oven food. 

5. Map of the City- 

Our Favorite part of camping is actually taking one afternoon to go and explore the city. This is the chance to see how others live and what they do and eat. This is fun to explore may mom and pops shops, vintage stores, and being around the locals. We like all of the things that the State of Texas offers my family. This State is so big that every city is different and the people are so warm and kind. So where ever you go camping take an afternoon break and go explore the small towns and grab a quick lunch at a local diner and just be open to trying new things. 

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