Glory House

If you live in Irving or work in Irving then you need to know about Glory House. I finally made it to the Glory House and wanted to see the happening inside. This place is exactly what I was looking for. A yummy spot to have a casual lunch with down home cooking. I was amazed that a place so quaint was in Irving. I shouldn't expect anything less than great from the residents of Irving. Sometimes cities are judged with reputation on how hip they are. What does that really mean? Lets give Irving a chance and see what can become of Downtown Irving.

You will want to be here from 11am- 2pm during the weekday. These are the lunch hours and the menu changes everyday. The time we went was the chicken pesto, a great salad bar with many options and two soups, cream of mushroom and the tomato bisque soup. I had the soup and salad and it was so good. I couldn't believe it, my kids liked the soup and the rolls so much we had seconds.

 The Glory House was very quiet and a little intimate setting. I was embarrassed when Stella was screaming her head off. I felt uncomfortable, but no one was offended I think. I would recommend this for older kids who can sit still or just a lunch date with your girlfriends or husbands. Give it a try and check out what the Glory House is all about. 

Glory House is not only a bistro by day during the weekday but they offer space rental and catering. If you have an event coming up you should check out the event space as well.

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