Downtwon Dallas Trolley Explorers!

Downtown Dallas Explorers.

1. Take the Downtown Trolley ride to the West Village! You will want to take the trolley at the Kylde Warren Park and catch the train on either side of the park. This will be a great chance for the kiddos to board on a vintage train and see the city in whole different way. My kids really enjoyed the ride.I hope that you get a balloon on your trip because the conductor was handing out balloons to all the kids. It sure was a nice gesture to witness something like that!

2. The West Village Stop in uptown has some great shopping and food spots. We opted to eat at the Taco Diner because of the price and the plantains. I am a Haitian and I need my fried bananas. I love them there and you will too. The food choices are straight forward and the ambience is so Miami chic. All white decor and just a fresh feeling.

- Have Fun 

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