Why I shaved my Hair!

 I was always taught as a little girl that the hair on your head is your crown of glory! What exactly does that mean? I have been always conflicted with that idea. I decided to go natural 8 years ago I did it because I thought I should. It started with the BIG chop when I shaved all my hair off the first time! I did it and it felt weird that I did something that bold! 

 When I started to grow out my hair I didn't like the texture of my hair and the coarseness if it. I didn't know what products to use to help it be manageable. My life literally changed and it was all about my hair and what I need to do to keep it looking nice. When my hair looked "ugly" I felt that way and it wasn't a confidence booster at all. I hated the way I felt so the wigs became my escape to hide! I needed to feel pretty and long hair wigs made me feel good about myself. I loved the way I could always change up my look and the reactions I would get from friends and family! Deep down it was a rush for me to be noticed for new looks and styles! I never let a style stay in longer than 2 weeks, because I needed to feel validated by others. 

This time around I have a daughter and her hair is classed as " good hair" and I know she won't struggle with the nappy hair and won't understand the struggle with that. But I want her to always be confident because she is of mix raced and unfortunately she may be judged because of that. But she needs to feel confident and know that she is perfect and that I will remind her of that! 

So cutting off all my hair was a personal decision that I don't regret and I will do what I want with my hair and it will not define me! 

SouthLake, TX

1. Have a a chilled weekend and don't stress about your hair. Have a yummy treat at Milwaukee Joes Ice Cream. The selections are really good and plenty of seating outside to enjoy your ice cream! Take a stroll down the many shops at the Southlake Town Square 

-have fun

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  1. Hi Roselle! It takes a lot to share your vulnerability like that. I went natural almost seven years ago and haven't looked back. When my hair was relaxed, it was always very long and thick. However, I loved the natural look and letting go of chemicals which was more in line with my healthy lifestyle.

    I think the issue of dealing with the hair texture is partially self-confidence and acceptance-- not caring what the media dictates, what you see if magazine, and knowing that your wonderful just the way you were created. And it's true your daughter will never understand what it's like to have coarse hair, but she should still be exposed to and the issues Black women have had to deal with.

    1. Thank You Chardae for your comments! I will for sure have my daughter understand her lineage and that she is a queen!

  2. Hey Girl,
    I'm glad you've decided to do what you want. I've been natural for 6 years and I love my natural hair. I hated getting perms even though my hair was very long I just wanted a change. What helped me was my mother-in-law she was natural and had really coarse hair she said, "However your hair grows from your head that is the way God wants it!" I agreed. It was a struggle to find the right products because of the sure volume of products available but I won't ever perm my hair again. As for my daughter I will keep her hair natural and teach her to appreciate what God gave her because everything he makes is beautiful!