Labor Day Weekend!

So you should know by now that Shake Shack made it to Dallas! We are so stoked here and can't contain ourselves. Of course I wanted to write out a long detailed list of what you should be doing with your family labor day.  I figured I would just blog about the place called Shake Shack at the Crescent Hotel downtown Dallas.

You need to run, not walk to this place and grab yourself a yummy burger and custard. This location has an incredible collaboration with local foodie spots in the area including Dudes Chocolate, Emporium Pies, and Pecan Lodge just to name a few. The collaboration with theses awesome foodie places is pure magic.

I had the chance to eat in the shroom burger and the classic shack burger. It as my first time having the shroom burger and I really liked it. the portabello mushroom was crispy and tasty! The custard was super yummy. I had the Pearl and Pecan and I gotta tell you I am getting it again!

I am so happy that I can take my kids with to places where they see and be apart awesome experiences. This was super amazing that we got a chance to preview the new menu and taste the classic Shack Burger. I love this place i can't move away from Dallas. Everything is here and I can eat my way through the city! Loving this.


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Laughs by The Lake Carolyn. 

1. Have a Date Night at the Lake Carolyn and check out some local food trucks. Laughs by the Lake is great couples night. This way you are relaxing and not worried about what to eat. They say that laughter is the best medicine. Event is FREE, Parking is $10 at the Summit Garage. Follow the link for event details.

Ft. Worth

1. All I can say is head out to the Sundance Square in Ft. Worth and have a blast. There are lots of restaurants to choose from and great views of the Fountains. Have a Blast and bring extra clothes, the kids will want to get wet! We like to grab a bite at Taco Diner and get a seat out on the patio. The food is portioned well and the view is great!

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Weekend of August 26-28th!

Friday- August 26th

C.R. Smith Museum

TINKERTOY- Build your Imagination.

 This Friday from 9am-5pm, check out this cool exhibit of play with different construction sets. This is a great chance to use your imagination to come up with ways to build buildings, towers and etc.

Irving South Library

 Check out the Irving South Library 7pm-10pm for the end of summer break! This is a family friendly event that will have a story walk, a block party with Minecraft and of course an outdoor movie showing the LEGO Movie! This a great block party to end the summer and welcome the first week of school! Good Luck to you parents this school year!

Saturday- August 27th


 Go to the  Lowes in your area and get building. This is great chance to test out your patience and build awesome crafts. The crafts are pretty cool. Be sure to pre-register on the website.

Bonus Foodie/ Dessert!.
 For those with a sweet tooth. Check out the Gigi Cupcakes in Southlake,TX. This is becoming one of my favorite places to get a delicious cupcake in town. You will like the tower of frosting that piled high. So good. 


My ISD is better than yours.

My School District is better than yours!

 Does that mean that your better than me because my kid doesn't go to a top rated school district? I have recently been bothered by this topic of discussion since my child entered pre-school. I have been in many mommy play dates and this would be the first question that was asked. 1. Where do you live, and 2nd is that a good school district? My answer would be Irving and I guess its a good one? Why does that matter and who does that benefit? The idea that moms are comparing their kids education to others is something that bothers me a lot. I have seen parents feel a sense of pride that they bought a home in the most desired school district in Texas and that their kids are getting a better "education". 

When I am faced with those comments I honestly don't know how to react. It makes me feel that I am not trying hard enough as a parent to get my kids a better "education" in a desired school district. It has made me put tons of pressure on my  husband to find a job elsewhere or make more money because we are not like the "Jones". Why so much pressure on myself and my husband to try and fit in when we clearly can't at the moment. This has lit a fire under me to be extremely involved in my child's education. 

We as parents need to stop comparing our lives to others and look down on others trying their best to make it out here. A school district that's not in the desired zip code should not be cast out into the abyss and leaving the kids and parents feeling ashamed. Parents who send kids to school should feel proud at the fact that a teacher is there for their child teaching them to be great citizens and great learners. My opinion is that an educator no matter where you send your child will show kindness to them, when some might not receive it at home.

I know that some schools perform low on standardized tests and that's bad in itself. But come on people,sometimes we need to step back and look at the family situation some of these kids find themselves in. Most of the time its a single family home and the father is not present in the home. The mom is forced to work multiple jobs and the kids are shuffled between daycares. This of course has an impact on the way a child can learn but it shouldn't be an excuse. If a child goes to school hungry and that student most likely will be unable to perform. The focus is how can we make these families whole again. Something is missing, and that's one of the many problems that these kids face on daily basis. I'm sick and tired of this nonsense of why the school is under performing. Compare that to a family attending a school in great school district and the life that child has. Most likely its a two parent home with a modest income and many more resources and contacts. That child is automatically set up to perform well and be held to that standard. 

This is the problem to me. Mommy groups need to stop putting themselves better than the next and instead, be glad that your child is not starving and stressed because they live below the poverty line. This battle between who has the best school will continue to go on, not just here in Dallas but across the country. We pride ourselves on being better than each other and what other way can that be done is " Where do you live and what school district are you sending your kids too". If we can move past that, then we can stop comparing and have many more ideas on how we can better our neighbor who may be a single mom trying to get by. Because I know that mom wants the best for her child. I am a product of a divorced home and raised by a single mom who was asked that question " Where do you live". I don't ever want that to be first question, but better yet how can we develop a Christ centered home and build on from that! 

Thank You
In_dfw Family

Paris Bakery in Paris, TX

 I love it when fun random events happen to our little family! This past weekend was full of surprises when we took the whole family, packed up our little pop up camper and headed to Cooper Lake State Park. The kids made friends with our campsite neighbors' kids and the friendly atmosphere made it feel truly like we were in another world. The place was peaceful and the only interruption was of their little footsteps coming to our campsite asking to play with our boys! We couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable getaway! But it didn't end there as we explored the city of Paris, TX!

 We made it to Paris, TX! And the town is super small and really not much to do at all. So I had to google some places to eat and I came across the Paris Bakery and I knew I wanted to visit this place! Y'all, we got there and the sign said closed and I was little sad about it.  I went to the door and I saw a sign saying that they will return at 5:30! I literally did the happy dance outside the window! So get this, on Saturday they have Pizza night at the Paris bakery and it is so legit. They use all locally-sourced ingredients in making their food which makes it taste fresh and delicious. Also, the baker has a sweet dessert menu of pastries/cakes that he bakes that
day and are reserved for the pizza night! We had the Raspberry Cream Cake and it was one of the best I've had. This bakery is run by a couple and they are just the sweetest people, very thoughtful and generous! If you ever take a family trip to Paris, TX come and check out this bakery you will not be disappointed!

Why I shaved my Hair!

 I was always taught as a little girl that the hair on your head is your crown of glory! What exactly does that mean? I have been always conflicted with that idea. I decided to go natural 8 years ago I did it because I thought I should. It started with the BIG chop when I shaved all my hair off the first time! I did it and it felt weird that I did something that bold! 

 When I started to grow out my hair I didn't like the texture of my hair and the coarseness if it. I didn't know what products to use to help it be manageable. My life literally changed and it was all about my hair and what I need to do to keep it looking nice. When my hair looked "ugly" I felt that way and it wasn't a confidence booster at all. I hated the way I felt so the wigs became my escape to hide! I needed to feel pretty and long hair wigs made me feel good about myself. I loved the way I could always change up my look and the reactions I would get from friends and family! Deep down it was a rush for me to be noticed for new looks and styles! I never let a style stay in longer than 2 weeks, because I needed to feel validated by others. 

This time around I have a daughter and her hair is classed as " good hair" and I know she won't struggle with the nappy hair and won't understand the struggle with that. But I want her to always be confident because she is of mix raced and unfortunately she may be judged because of that. But she needs to feel confident and know that she is perfect and that I will remind her of that! 

So cutting off all my hair was a personal decision that I don't regret and I will do what I want with my hair and it will not define me! 

SouthLake, TX

1. Have a a chilled weekend and don't stress about your hair. Have a yummy treat at Milwaukee Joes Ice Cream. The selections are really good and plenty of seating outside to enjoy your ice cream! Take a stroll down the many shops at the Southlake Town Square 

-have fun

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