Weekend of July 15th- 17th / 2016

Saturday July 16th

HAM Orchards- Terrell, TX

1. This is a great time to take a drive outside the city limits for a little breather. With all that is going on in our city , let's clear our minds and get the kids out to have some fun. Take the ride to Terrell and visit Ham Orchards. I checked the website and the blackberries are down for the season , but you will want to go for the peach ice cream and BBQ sandwiches. I have had some friends visit here and they really like taking the family out here. I really trust the experience that they had with there own families. Have a blast and take a break from Dallas just for one day! *closed Sunday

Dallas Farmers Market!

1. If you want to stay in town this weekend, check out the Dallas Farmers Market downtown. I've seen all the new changes that has happen to this market and you will love it to. The vendors are all great and the food choices are equally amazing. You will want to eat some tacos and indulge in some macaroons. This Farmers Market has it all and you will like too. I really like to go and grab fresh veggies to make homemade pizza for lunch/ or dinner that evening. Fresh and locally sourced veggies is always great! 

Ft. Worth Stock Yards

1. Did you know that this Saturday is the National Day of the American Cowboys. This is a festival you will want to take the cowboy or cowgirl in your family to go see. There will be lots of fun activities for the kids like, cow milking, hay staking , watermelon eating contest and seed spitting. The list sure does go on. This is a great time to be out the Ft. Worth Stockyards and learn about the history of the American Cowboy. I challenge you to go dressed in your cowboy hats and boots. I promise you will not stick out in Ft. Worth with your awesome gear! Take loads of photos and continue to have that Texas pride. Don't Mess with Texas. 

- have fun

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  1. This is by far one of the best venue Houston TX to hang with friends, have great drinks (amazing beer selection), eat some great food, including the great lunch I had there. Prices are very reasonable and the pizza was awesome.