State Park Camping!

Mckinney Falls State Parks!

 I have always wanted to be that mom that went on camping trips and wanted everyone to wear matching shirts! I wanted to be able to know where my kids were all the time. I remember going on trips with my family all the time in the summer. We would get the car packed to the roof, snacks, game boys, and our family reunion shirts too. Family reunions in South Carolina has been a tradition in our family for years and we continue to have them. Now that grand kids have grown up and moved away I have missed seeing my cousins a regular basis. What i always remember is that we always felt united with our shirts and the love we have for one another. So when CustomInk provided my family with an opportunity to have Custom shirts done for  my family I was beyond excited.  

There is something about carrying over traditions to my own family that I love. I really want my children to feel appreciative of the fun that we want them to experience in this life. This world we live in offers endless possibilities to be out in nature, and see what god has created. 

My kids really like camping and we do too. Just before we bought our camper off Craigslist in Wichita Falls. We used to camp in tents for most of our marriage. It was something new to me to camp outdoors. But I wanted to try new adventures with  my husband and we did it. We have used tents that would fit 8 people to allow for space and to feel comfortable. We have used the tents with the boys and they always had a blast sleeping outside. Then one day we were thinking out loud and said to ourselves, " It's time to upgrade to a pop up camper". Best decision ever in our opinion.

 Now that we own a camper I wanted custom shirts that would both have a camper and our families name. Then the idea came that we have the phrase "Happy Camper" put on the shirts!   I had a design in mind and the process to achieve the look online was simple. It didn't take long at all. The steps were very easy from picking out text design, color and design. Working on the website was fun because it was many ideas to choose. I can't wait to work on another family trip t-shirt soon. Y'all go ahead and check out CustomInk to get your custom designed shirts and go out and make memories with your family.

Thank You CustomInk for providing these amazing shirts to us.
-have fun

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