First Aid for your car!

First Aid kit for your car!

 On our recent trip to Austin my baby girl injured her hand on a hot surface while we were playing mini golf. We were so sad about the whole situation because it really caused her to have pain, As parents we really want to take on the pain our children go through. I remembered that we always carry a First Aid kit in our car all the time. It's something that we carry no matter if we are driving down the street for milk or on a long road trip. 

My husband is very aware that safety is most important to our family and I want to express that to yours. Having a First Aid kit in your car is something most people don't think about, but is important. Accidents happen all the time and its great to feel less stressful when you are prepared. I really want this post to help someone out today and feel inspired to get a kit started. We need to look out for each other and help out when we can. Take some of my ideas and tweak them if needed! 

My Kit!

-Band Aid - Pain Killer cream - Antibacterial cream - Scissors - Gauze - Candy - Hand Sanitize - Gloves - Flashlight - Pain Medicine - A carry case - Paper Tape - Water proof tape -Burn Gel - Alcohol Pads- Women Hygiene

I really hope that your able to use this list and it will help you with a First Aid Kit!

You can also find kits at Target and Walmart and they already have a start to what you need!

-Stay Safe!

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