La Duni!


I have been eyeing LA DUNI ever since we moved here to Dallas. This was on my top list of places to eat! I don't know what it was about this place, but I knew I had to check it out! This is the location on McKinney Ave! See what we ate.

Y'all we came here to celebrate my husbands birthday and had the most delicious Mexican/ Latin food fusion. The food was incredible and these drinks were the most unique tasting. Crunchy ice, sparkling taste, tangy, sweet and just good. This is the mint and mango orange lemonade!

 This cinnamon roll was the star of the brunch. WE literally had our eyes on it for a while before we cut into this beauty!

 I wanted to sit outside, but space was limited because everyone and their mama was sitting outside. I will requesting a seat outside next time for sure!

 We always bring crayons and a Star Wars coloring book everywhere we go and eat! Trust me its way better than the iPhone and we literally have coloring contests at the table! Try it!

-have fun

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