Paris Bakery in Paris, TX

 I love it when fun random events happen to our little family! This past weekend was full of surprises when we took the whole family, packed up our little pop up camper and headed to Cooper Lake State Park. The kids made friends with our campsite neighbors' kids and the friendly atmosphere made it feel truly like we were in another world. The place was peaceful and the only interruption was of their little footsteps coming to our campsite asking to play with our boys! We couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable getaway! But it didn't end there as we explored the city of Paris, TX!

 We made it to Paris, TX! And the town is super small and really not much to do at all. So I had to google some places to eat and I came across the Paris Bakery and I knew I wanted to visit this place! Y'all, we got there and the sign said closed and I was little sad about it.  I went to the door and I saw a sign saying that they will return at 5:30! I literally did the happy dance outside the window! So get this, on Saturday they have Pizza night at the Paris bakery and it is so legit. They use all locally-sourced ingredients in making their food which makes it taste fresh and delicious. Also, the baker has a sweet dessert menu of pastries/cakes that he bakes that
day and are reserved for the pizza night! We had the Raspberry Cream Cake and it was one of the best I've had. This bakery is run by a couple and they are just the sweetest people, very thoughtful and generous! If you ever take a family trip to Paris, TX come and check out this bakery you will not be disappointed!

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