Customink Dallas IHP

Welcome Customink to the Dallas metroplex. I was invited to the Dallas IHP to get a behind scene tour of how their screen print shirts are made. Who knew it took a lot of muscle to glide paint across a shirt ! It was absolutely amazing to see the attention to detail that goes into making a printed shirt that will leave a lasting impression!

 These are the amazing screen printing tools that they use to move the paint along the shirts! Super cool I must say. The cool thing is that you can choose whatever color and they will make a custom color for you as well.

These amazing machines were super cool to see in person. The warehouse was loud and with busy workers knowing exactly what they needed to do to deliver great product. Each person has distinct responsibility and had great knowledge of how to deliver great printed shirts!

This is the screen print design that I got to use to make my very own shirt at the Dallas IHP location. It was neat to see the process it took to get to the final step of printing shirts on our own. It took a lot of arm strength to glide the paint across the screen, but worth it to see the quality of the shirt at the end of the process.
Each shirt is always inspected for quality and beautiful finish. You will be happy with your order, because I got to witness quality shirts being made and no corners were ever crossed.
  Here you can see me moving my paint across the screen. You can tell how excited I was to complete on pass of paint on the shirt. I know that I felt a lot of pride of completing my shirt!

 Thank you to Customink for providing our family with custom t-shirts for the occasion. I really liked that we had bright colored shirts so I can spot my kids at the ranch!  The people at Custom Ink know what its like to deliver great product tailored to your family's needs. Y'all go ahead and check them out for shirts for a family trip to the ranch, camping trip to the beach or any other family occasion. It sure does make the trip memorable and a great experience when you are doing what you love with your family! By the way the shirts are super cute that we will have it on rotation when we are out and about in dfw!

-have fun


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