Weekend Itinerary / April 29th - May 1st /

Race to Rescue 

 This weekend I will be at the Bicentennial Park in Southlake. Race to Rescue is a 5k race which the proceeds go to help fight human trafficking in Dallas and beyond. This is a critical issue that concerns many locally and abroad. I feel it is important to shine a light on an organization that fights for the rights of people who may be caught up in human trafficking.  Starbucks will be serving coffee and Rita's Italian Ice will be serving cherry ice to all the participants after the race. There will be a lot of foam at the start and end of the race, live music and activities throughout the day. Kids 10 and younger run for FREE! Go ahead and check out this event, so tie up your laces and support the cause. I'll see you at the finish line.

May Fest

 Every time I go to Ft. Worth I truly fall in love with this city over again. This city really knows how to have fun! This weekend is the May Fest and I really hope someone gets to go. I have been wanting to go every year and it looks like a lot of fun. Plenty of activities, carnival food, rides, and great music. This is a great opportunity to check out the city of Ft. Worth and all the fun going down this weekend.

Rangers Game

 If you live in North Texas then you must be a Rangers fan right? This Saturday, April 30th, we will be taking the kids to see the Rangers play and you should too. This will be a division rival game and you know the Rangers will put on a show for its fans. I mean come on, this is a baseball town right! Also the first 7,500 kids under 13 get a Rangers fanatic jersey!

- have fun

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Momentous Institute

The answer is the At&t Byron Nelson tournamemt coming to Las Colinas, TX.

Momentous Institute is a laboratory school  located in Oak Cliff, TX with a program that is based on social emotional health and developing the child's mind towards positive thinking. The school's founders have been studying the effects of social emotional health and the affects it has on children for over 20 years and they know the outcome of good behavior works. Instead of focusing on rigorous academics the school focuses on social emotional health.  They really emphasize on modeling good behavior controlled  breathing  and understanding your brain and how it works. The children at the momentous institute really understand the functions of the brain and why it is important to manage the stresses of daily life. What blew me away was the fact the kids in the Pre-K 3 classes know the parts of the brain like  pre-frontal cortex and etc. I was just amazed at how smart the 3 year olds were. The teachers in the Pre-K 3 class have been teaching at the school for over 10 years. That shows to me the loyalty they have to the cause of teaching social - emotional foundation to the children. The  therapeutic services are given to children at the campus which is affordable to the parents. 

 It was nice to see that kids are really knowledgeable in understanding the parts of the brain. Can you imagine now learning the parts of your brain? Take this is as a teaching moment for you and learn more about social emotional health. It is very beneficial to understand the meaning behind why kids act the way they do. And to learn ways to help your kids model better behavior.

 Here is the video with my friend, Debora Manusama of @Mozdeb  and our interview with the Director, Heather Bryant at the Momentous Institute in Oak Cliff, TX. The director was very helpful in giving greater insight on what she believes is the foundation of the school and the partnership the school has with the Salesmanship Club. Also a great fact is that the At&t Byron Nelson Golf Tournament proceeds go solely to the Momentous Institute. That is just simply amazing to me. Be sure you go and get tickets to the golf tournament going on May 16th-22nd at the Four Seasons in Las Colinas. Go and check out the Collaboration video I did with Debora. Check out her blog too.

 Parents are very much involved at the Momentous Institute. The parents are expected to know and understand the needs of the kids and have the resources to help the children. The parents write a pledge at the beginning of the school year stating the goals that they want to set for the kids and to see what they can and will achieve. This to me  is very important for a parent. We as parents should be involved in our kids education and want the best for them in all that they do. Having a pledge that is written down can and will hold a parent accountable. Take this as an encouragement to strive to have a better education for your kids and also see the potential they have to succeed.
 The glitter ball is super cool and a tool the teachers use to teach about brain health. When the ball is full of glitter it is like the brain is full of all kinds of thoughts, emotions, fear and etc. This is showing how when we are clouded there is no way for a child to be still and show good behavior. But when the glitter settles to the bottom a child is calm, less fearful and able to think through a problem and have a solution. I really like this analogy to the human brain. Take this analogy and apply it to your life with your children.

*last 7 pictures are credited to the staff at the Momentous Institute. 

-have fun

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Weekend of April 22-24th / 2016

Weekend Itinerary in Dallas, TX

Friday April 22nd

1. Check out the Fair Park for the Earth Day celebration, April 22-24th. This is a FREE event with loads of exhibitions, booths with information on sustainability, also a kids zone. If your kids are into Nature Cat, a PBS show, look out for some of the characters. This is a great chance to be involved in the community and find out ways to live a more green life and incorporate some of the ideas! 

Saturday April 23rd

1. The Air Power Expo at the Naval Air base in Ft. Worth is going to be A-mazing! This Saturday you will be in awe of the Blue Angels taking flight over the skies of Texas. We take the kids every year and can not wait to go again. If you have boys in your home who pretend to be soldiers fighting for good or a little girl who dreams to be a pilot this is where you want to be. Did I mention that entrance is FREE. Food vendors will be on site. The show starts at 11am - 5pm.

2. The city of Irving will have an Arbor Day Celebration / Deep Irving Market Day at the Heritage Park in downtown Irving. This event will have something for everyone in the family. Children will learn how to climb a tree like a pro and see some exotic animals as well. The market days will have merchants and classic cars cruse in. I recommend riding the TRE to the Downtown Irving/Heritage Crossing Station if possible to avoid the hassles of parking. 
* make a day of it and eat the Big State Fountain Grill, order the burgers and the  homemade made chips. It's a local favorite and you will be coming back, I promise. 

3. Downtown Dallas at the Klyde Warren Park will have a HUGE festival going on. It is the Kwestival! 11am-5pm.
The park will have 50+ vendors from across the metroplex. You will get to try out some foods from across the city, also merchants selling some amazing gear! Check it out and have a blast! 

-have fun 

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Susie Cakes in Preston Center

I was invited to attend a wine and cake tasting / pairing event for Susie Cakes at Preston Center. This was a great experience for me that I don't take for granted. We got to meet Susie, the woman behind the cakes. I was blown away by her story of why she wanted to open a bakery. 

 Her story behind starting her bakery came from her two grandmothers' own recipes from when she was a little girl.  Susie remembers the aroma and the delicious tastes of the cakes that she grew up with and wanted to share that memory of great tasting cakes with us today.

Susie Cakes can be found all over  California and they decided that they wanted to call Texas home as well. I think this was a wise decision. Dallas is a city that embraces some good food y'all. And Susie Cakes has proven that they can make a footing for themselves here. 

 This is their signature Vanilla Celebration Cake! This cake has been one of the top sellers at the Susie Bakery. The iconic blue color is one that you will see in the decor throughout the bakery.

 This Bakery is also known for making birthday cakes, celebration cakes and anything you can dream of. They are known for great customer service all well. Don't be shy and order one of their cakes. Cake designers are on site to help customize for any special occasion.
 Their Grand Opening Celebration will be this Saturday at the Preston Center. Come out with your kids and enjoy some yummy cakes and more. Event takes place between 1-4pm on Saturday, April 16. There will be a DJ on site, face painting, balloon artist and some dessert samples too. Come out and celebrate this new bakery in town and let it be on your rotation for some yummy cake! 

 -have fun
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Customink Dallas IHP

Welcome Customink to the Dallas metroplex. I was invited to the Dallas IHP to get a behind scene tour of how their screen print shirts are made. Who knew it took a lot of muscle to glide paint across a shirt ! It was absolutely amazing to see the attention to detail that goes into making a printed shirt that will leave a lasting impression!

 These are the amazing screen printing tools that they use to move the paint along the shirts! Super cool I must say. The cool thing is that you can choose whatever color and they will make a custom color for you as well.

These amazing machines were super cool to see in person. The warehouse was loud and with busy workers knowing exactly what they needed to do to deliver great product. Each person has distinct responsibility and had great knowledge of how to deliver great printed shirts!

This is the screen print design that I got to use to make my very own shirt at the Dallas IHP location. It was neat to see the process it took to get to the final step of printing shirts on our own. It took a lot of arm strength to glide the paint across the screen, but worth it to see the quality of the shirt at the end of the process.
Each shirt is always inspected for quality and beautiful finish. You will be happy with your order, because I got to witness quality shirts being made and no corners were ever crossed.
  Here you can see me moving my paint across the screen. You can tell how excited I was to complete on pass of paint on the shirt. I know that I felt a lot of pride of completing my shirt!

 Thank you to Customink for providing our family with custom t-shirts for the occasion. I really liked that we had bright colored shirts so I can spot my kids at the ranch!  The people at Custom Ink know what its like to deliver great product tailored to your family's needs. Y'all go ahead and check them out for shirts for a family trip to the ranch, camping trip to the beach or any other family occasion. It sure does make the trip memorable and a great experience when you are doing what you love with your family! By the way the shirts are super cute that we will have it on rotation when we are out and about in dfw!

-have fun




Peter Rabbit Ticket Giveaway / Irving Arts Center

The Irving Arts Center has been gracious enough to offer FREE family passes to see a LIVE performance of Peter Rabbit Tails/ Enchantment Theater Company on April 13th in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the author, Beatrix Potter. This is a great chance to check out the Irving Art Center and all the fun events and activities they offer for the kids.

The tickets will by raffled and a random winner will be chosen on Sunday, April 10th. Please follow the link below to enter the drawing.

I want to thank all of you who have stopped by my page to check out the many fun family-friendly activities that I share with you! I really want to give you all hugs for being great followers! Let's keep having adventures in_DFW.

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