Old Chicago Pizza & Tavern


 We were so excited for a family trip down to Mockingbird Station. 
After having received an invitation to visit Old Chicago Pizza & Tavern, we just could not wait to check out some of their pizza and yummy food. 

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 When you come here for lunch or dinner please take my advice and eat the pepper bacon cheese fries. These fries will just change they way you look at traditional fries. We were literally scarping the bottom of our plate of cheese fries because they were that good.  

 The Sicilian pepperoni rolls are a customer favorite. These rolls are so soft and the melted cheese was just right. This was highly recommended by the waiter and I had to have it. This is a great alternative to sliced pizza! 

This was their classic Chicago style pizza with pepperoni mushrooms and sausage. I personally prefer Neapolitan pizza more but this was delicious.

 Both myself and my husband just could not take our eyes of this burger. The Crafted Beer Burger was by far one of the tastiest burgers we've had. The burger was an explosion of flavors of melted cheese sauce, fried onions and grilled onions. I can say that we have never had anything like this before. What a delicious burger. Ask for the Crafted Beer Burger and you will not be disappointed.

 This was our first time at Old Chicago and the staff was very helpful and suggested a few of the favorites. Another popular dish is the Chicken Pesto. So of course we had to try some for ourselves. The pasta was very creamy and in each bite we could taste the chicken and the pesto sauce was just a hint in between each bite.

The kids were so hungry to get some food in there bellies. They were excited to choose something off the kids menu and opted for an individual pizza and the chicken tenders with fruit. 

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