EOS Lip Balm.

 Have you run out of time to get a gift for someone on your list? You need to look into the EOS lip Balm,  you know that every mom needs this in her purse. I can't get enough of how practical and easy it is to have this lip balm. I honestly can remember when I bought my first EOS lip balm and the joy it was to have one. I promise you that  I felt snobbish to own one and pull it of my purse to wear it. Its a weird thing to say, but that's how I felt. 

 Every mom knows what it is like to own a favorite thing that they can't seem to not get enough of. I lived in cold climates and I know that having a lip balm is so important to me. I cant go a day without applying something on my lips to not feel ashy and crusty. You get the point to always carry a lip product of some sort in your bag. I can't go a day without it.

 Y'all remember when you first bought an EOS lip balm, right?  I know that we all owned one, lost one and bought another one. This year they have stepped up there lip products and branched out to the skin care line. EOS has stepped it up with lip balms that are tinted and shimmer too. They have the Limited edition organic holiday packs in vanilla bean that you will see around the beauty aisle and check out. 

 Get out there and get those last minute gifts and start the New Year with moist and supple lips. Nobody has time to have crusty lips that are dry and ew. Yall have a blessed year and share the love to #lighttheworld

* This is a sponsored and honest review of the products that were sent to me for review.

XMAS Dallas Bucket List

 What will you be doing this Holiday season in Texas and beyond. Look no further because I have you covered. This is a List that you will want to print out and enjoy with family and friends. Some of the amazing adventures can be done with other mommies as a play date option. enough rambling and lets get to it.


Trinity Forest Adventure Park

 When I say that you need to come here with your family and enjoy an amazing time do it. Trinity Forest Adventure Park has a unique way of experiencing zip lining. This is an experience like no other. The way that the park is set up you will not only try zip lining but you will be challenged in the process as well. The course is set up with many difficulty levels that will keep you wanting more.

 I was wanting something fun to do with my family from out of town and I knew that they would love an adventure. We are always looking for something that city folks cant do in the city. When I saw the ad for the zip lining I was hooked, no pundit. My sister and her kids were amazed that they can find adventure in the " country " I mean they consider us Texas cowboys. They were wanting to try it and I knew that they would like it. I am starting to see that families really like to come together in ways that can and create lifelong memories. Even us cowboys here in Dallas can let loose and have fun as well. 

 When you first get there you will get strapped in and suited up for a practice run and ground school instructions. This is really important for you to be smart and know what you are doing. You will get it, because my 7 year old was going through the course really easy. Its really simple just pay attention and bam you got it. Once  you are done its time to zip line on the courses, you know what course to take depending on the colors of the different runs. I say start easy and by the end of the time go for a harder one. 

 I really like that they had a small course for the kids 5 and under. You have to see it for yourselves. My little guy was beaming from ear to ear because he got to zip line as well. The instructors are super patient and nice with the kiddos. I really like seeing my son happy to be apart of the fun as well. I told my son that he could do anything and conquer anything because of the courage that he showed. As a mom I was beaming with pride and just jumping up and down for him.

 Last but not least, y'all need to bring some snacks. When we were out there  we were all starving and we forgot to pack granola bars, apples, oranges, I mean anything to satisfy that craving. They have picnic tables around the course as well. You can grab you a seat after a run or two and eat something to fuel you up for the next one. I am hooked and I am wanting to have more experiences now with my family than just buying gifts all the time. We have come to point in our lives that experiences out weigh elaborate birthday parties and endless hours in from of the TV. I hope you can get a chance and come out here with you family. I love adventures and I know you too, either wise you wouldn't be reading this post. 

Shop Pink Blush Giveaway

 Fist of all I am not a fashionista, just a basic mom who likes to feel pretty. I was contacted by ShopPinkBlush to do an honest review on an outfit of my choice. I wanted to chose an outfit that was "Kid Friendly". What exactly does that mean, i need a dress that I can run around and yet feel pretty and comfortable. I am not a basic mom, because I want to run around town with my kids and feel relaxed. 

 What I like about this store Pink Blush is that you can wear the clothes that are after pregnancy appropriate. We all have the mom belly that just looks weird when we want to cover up and still feel confident. That's one of the things that I really look for when I shop for clothes. The clothes are really transitional from pregnancy into motherhood. These beautiful options are just amazing to know that a store can be a one stop shop. We all know that looking cute during pregnancy is vital, but looking cute right after having a baby is a confidence booster. 

 I really hope that you give ShopPinkBlush a try and look for those transitional key pieces to put in your wardrobe and feel confident at any stage of your life after pregnancy as well. I am loving my Floral Dress  and the way I can move and feel confident. 

Enter the Giveaway below for a chance to get a $50 gift card. 

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Veterans Day Celebration

Veterans Day Celebration

We are a family that has 3 veterans that we love and support. My father is an Army veteran and my two brothers as well. We are deeply humbled by the love that they have for this country as well. This day lets remember the love and the sacrifice each of our soldiers have done for us to live in America freely.

Deeply humbled and grateful. 

 So many of the cities across this nation will have parades honoring the freedom they have gave us. And the least we can do is to show that love and support to them this weekend and of course always. This is that time that we can be apart of something bigger than us. I want to share a list of some of the festivals and parades. 


1. The parade in Downtown Dallas will be on FRIDAY, November 11th, with massing of the colors and the 11th hour (11:00 AM) ceremony in front of City Hall. The parade will commence following the official ceremony (approximately 1 hour). The route will start at Reunion Arena, will proceed north on Houston Street, east on Main Street, south on Ervay Street, west on Young Street, south on Akard Street and pass in review in front of City Hall*. This is a great chance to learn more about the Veterans and the love they have. 

Farmers Branch

This Friday at 10:30 am is a great time to see some amazing Veterans at the Farmers Branch Senior Center. This is a family friendly event and great celebration. It will be great to hear from amazing speakers and entertainment. This ceremony will end with lunch of the All- American hotdogs. This is a FREE event. 

Sundance Square- Ft. Worth

This is also an early Friday morning parade at 10:00am celebration at the Sundance Square. This by far will have tons and tons of celebration to celebrate our veterans. My favorite is to hear TAPS, something about that trumpet that sets a sweet tone.

Veteran Freebies 

Check Here for National Freebies 

Modern Market

 I am sure that I am not the only mom who wants wonderful food choices that are healthy and really good. Recently in Irving the Modern Market has made its debut. Its a great addition to the city and I am glad that we have one super close to us. This is  restaurant has an incredible story of the mission they are  wanting to share.

I want to share with you that mission in my own words to you. The founders quit their jobs in the pursuit of opening a restaurant where people can enjoy good healthy food. In their words that say that added sugar is the +devil+ and the good fats there friend. To me that speaks volumes. I can see that they are taking the time seek out good local produce and meats to be cooked from scratch.

When you walk into Modern Market you really get a feel  for the vision of the owners. I feel like I am walking into a kitchen and my personal chef is cooking my family a tasty meal. The food is portioned out really well and you don't feel like your overeating at all. We ordered the chicken plate and the half pizza for the kids. The food was light and just enough for a child to eat. They really got the portions down right that a kid can eat and not leave any leftovers. I ordered the steak, root veggies, and the sweet potato mash. It was really delicious and just enough to satisfy. My husband is the most adventurous type and he ordered the egg plant and goat cheese sandwich with half soup.  

If you are into the breakfast scene then give Modern Market a try. We had the whole grain waffles and the scramble. It was so delicious that I am drooling just thinking about the waffles. It was super delicious and I couldn't get over the hot maple syrup that comes with it. I am convinced that maple syrup needs to go on anything squared with holes in them. Like a delicious waffle. They stop serving breakfast at 11am. 

Just an FYI. Kids eat for free on Sunday and Monday after 5pm. This is important to know when you can get a break on check.  

* I was sent a gift-card to give an honest review. All of the pictures, thoughts and reviews are all my own.


JORD Wood Watch Giveaway!

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5 Camping Tips with Kids

We are a family that loves to camp! we've explored many State Parks and feel like we have a grasp on some key factors into a fun camping experience. I will just list my TOP 5 camping essentials!

1. Kids Backpacks- 

 Have your children carry there own camping gear. We bought them each a rolling backpack that they can use to pack gear. Of course I pack the clothes, but they are responsible in packing toys, games, and stuff animals. I like to give them the freedom of choosing what they like and they are happy with the choices they make.

2. Flashlights- 

 This is something that can easily be forgotten. trust me its happened to us once. We always make sure to grab head lamps for each one of us. Its the most convenient way to be hands free and still get things done in the dark. The kids really think its cool walking around the cap with head lamps and plaything with each other. The only thing is to not stare into each others face, because the lights will flash in your eyes. Otherwise its super fun and the kids love them. We bought ours from Walmart.

3. Tissue Paper- 

 This is a necessity. You need to pack this immediately in your car. Most parks have public restrooms and showers, Which is a plus. We love the fact that we can get a hot shower! But really bring toilet paper and baby wipes. This is a life saver because we all know how important it is to stay clean. I think you get the point. Moving on to number 4.

4. Watches- 

 Always, I repeat always bring a watch. I was recently sent a watch to review from Jord Wood Watches and I am glad that I did. This watch came in time. I didn't have a watch that was sturdy enough to take on my camping trip. I needed something that was nice but still have an edge to it. The watch that I received was the Fieldcrest Dark Sandalwood. A watch is something I find that is necessary for a outdoor trip.Most of the time there is no reception and you can loose track of time. We often forget that back in the days we relied on watches for everything especially time. And I vowed that I would put away my phone when we go camping. The point of camping is to disconnect from the world and spend that tine with your family. I just bring a DSLR camera to capture moments and memories and chill out in our camper and eat dutch oven food. 

5. Map of the City- 

Our Favorite part of camping is actually taking one afternoon to go and explore the city. This is the chance to see how others live and what they do and eat. This is fun to explore may mom and pops shops, vintage stores, and being around the locals. We like all of the things that the State of Texas offers my family. This State is so big that every city is different and the people are so warm and kind. So where ever you go camping take an afternoon break and go explore the small towns and grab a quick lunch at a local diner and just be open to trying new things. 

Luxury Wood Watch