Small Cakes in Southlake,TX

 When eating a small cake changes your life. Move over itty bitty cupcakes, the revolution of the small cake is making its way to my mouth and yours. This was my first time here and I am already obsessed. The small cakes are the size of your fist for reference and darn good.  Come with the littlest because there is a place for the kiddos to hang out, read and eat at a small table while to adults chit chat and indulge.

Small Cake is located in Southlake off Southlake Blvd. You can't miss it and you will want to come back. Ezra was jumping up and down the whole time begging for a cupcake with sprinkles. Oh yea, we totally found one and he was quite as a mouse ad he stuffed his face! Get out here NOW and enjoy a Small Cake duh! 

 um yes. All the time.

The store has the cutest toppers and they are only $1. Can't beat that. So I bought one for my friend 30th bday, and one for the hubby that say I Love You. You can totally personalized your small cake. 

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