Hot Cocoa Hopping

Hot Cocoa Hopping in Irving!

 Hot Cocoa, marshmallows and, of course, extra whip cream please. Sharing these memories with the kiddos is just wonderful, especially when it involves drinking delicious warm drinks in the winter. My kids are always asking when can we have hot cocoa and when we do have it they are so excited to try new flavors and this year we made it a requirement to include extra large marshmallows. So this week I'd like to share a Hot Cocoa Hop in Irving with my friend Debora Manusama in search of some yummy goodness. Check out the VIDEO for our adventure in Irving!

Java Me Up

 First stop was Java Me Up in Valley Ranch. I ordered the classic hot chocolate and noticed they had a variety of flavored syrups so I quickly asked if she would add in some amaretto to my cocoa.  I also preferred the almond milk too. The drink came out extra hot and I needed it to rest a while. But that didn't bother me because I ordered a homemade cranberry bread to go with my cocoa. The bread was tart which was expected. My son couldn't wait for some of the hot cocoa to cool down. He really enjoyed it and had the cutest whip cream mustache.  Kids and milk mustaches are really hilarious. Good job Java Me Up, the shop is quaint and cozy and the service was great.

Argentina Bakery ( Irving Towne Center )

 Walking into this bakery, the first thing I heard was salsa music playing in the background and a spunky staff lady dancing. Her energy and passion was so infectious that my friend, Debora, and I couldn't help ourselves but to join in. After a bit of fun, we ordered some of the delicious drinks and were amazed at just how tasty they were.  The hot cocoa was wonderful. I like that the drink was served with extra whip cream. The oversized cushioned chairs were comfy and perfect for taking in all the goodness found in my mug.

 I followed Debora's recommendation and ordered some homemade tortillas to go with my drink. They were perfect to dip into my hot cocoa. Thanks for the suggestion Debora.  Hurry over to the Argentina Bakery in Irving and make sure you bring your dancing shoes, you never know if you will be swept up in the moment and let loose. 

Joe's ( South Irving )

 Hurry over to Debora's blog and check out her experience at one of Irving's established restaurants. This was her first time eating at Joe's and that lemon meringue pie was something we were eyeing when we walked in. Debora Manusama

- have fun

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