Library hopping in Irving!

Library Hopping Around Irving!
 South Library
 You will want to take your family to the newest library in Irving. This was Debora's a blogger here in Irving first time to come the South branch and I could not wait for her to see why I come here often.

 First of all Debora is a friend that every one needs, we formed a bond/friendship because of what we had in common. We are always looking for what we can do with our kids in Irving and have fun while exploring. So naturally doing this library hop was a great idea we came up with. It was not easy juggling the kids, camera, note cards and diaper bags, but we did it with Chick fil - A as the ultimate bribe.  

Follow both of our posts and be sure to check out Debora's blog post for her review on the South Library and of course more amazing pictures.
*all the pictures were taken by Debora!

Valley Ranch Library  
 .Living in south Irving has made traveling to the Valley Ranch library  much of a journey for me and my kids. I have not been up to that library in some months and was absolutely excited to have a library hop with Debora and her son J.

  The Valley Ranch Library has an amazing pirate ship that sails out in front of the children's section. Ezra was so excited to hop up the couch and look through the window to play peek a boo. We laughed so hard and maybe got a few stares from people but it was ok.


 Below the ship is a digital image of moving fish that sway and glide across the floor giving the children an illusion of fish dancing beneath their tiny feet. This was fun to see Ezra and Lil. J stomping so hard to smash the fish and giggle at each other as if one caught more fish than the other.


   The children section has a good selection of computers that the kids can use throughout the day. The games are kid appropriate and will get the kids engaged with story telling, games and etc. My kids really like the Dr.Seuss games, because the stories are interactive and get the children engaged. * remember you will need a Library card to access the computers.

  One of the perks of the Valley Ranch library is the ordering window at Java Me Up that is inside the library. Debora and I are such big fans of this little coffee shop, that the aroma of yummy drinks and pastries are so good you seem to have to order a drink to satisfy the urge.

   Last but not least is the story time. Be sure to check out the Library on these days.

*Monday,    0-18 months @ 10am. 
*Wednesday, 1-4years @10am
*Tuesday,   Family @7pm
*Thursday,  Preschool 4-6 years @4pm 


West Library

 This was Debora first time to the West Library and I knew she would be impressed. When we pulled up to the library I told Debora to look up to see the solar panels, as if it were something so futuristic that if you didn't see it you missed out. She was so impressed that when we were in the library we spoke with the Director Chris Dobson who explained the benefits of solar energy and the technology behind it. When you come to the West library just look up please!

When we got inside Ezra automatically ran to the checker board game. Of course he does not under stand the game but who cares he likes sorting and tossing the pieces in the bucket making up a new game.

 When we were about to leave the library Debora mentioned that the patio out back was a must see. I didn't even know that there was an outdoor patio area. I wanted to make a dash to see why it was so cool, but the kids were starving and both mommies needed a lunch break too. I will go back to check it out. 

-have fun 

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