Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop

Deep Ellum, TX

Take a trip to Deep Ellum for some good eats at Uncle Uber's.

I have wanted to eat at the Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum ever since we moved to Dallas. When we finally made the trip to Deep Ellum we saw that the the line to get into the restaurant was out the door and quickly changed our minds. We took a stroll down a different street and found Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop. Best decision ever.

The sandwiches are amazing. The Cuban pressed sandwich was a must try and my kids demolished the sandwich. We also tried the Crispy Chicken sandwich and the chicken was so tasty. Eating here was great, the staff are so nice and accommodating to us with children.

 They helped with bringing the food to the table and etc. The space is a good size to find seating and park a stroller and not feel in peoples way. We just loved that convenience. Also I hear the burgers are a must try, so that means another trip back to Uncle Uber's for sure. 

 Also take the stroll around Deep Ellum and look around for some amazing talent we have in Dallas. You will be amazed at the different street art the graces the walls of buildings. This is a great place to take pictures as well as gain some inspiration. I love street art and admire the talent. 

 -have fun

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