Minbie Instinctive baby feeding technique

 I have yet to try anything that has been promoted in Australia until I found out about the Minbie feeding system. Writing for my blog has encouraged me to go out in the cities across the DFW metroplex finding family friendly events. We have recently added a new baby to our family and we needed a way to feed her when we are out on the go. I have been fortunate to be able to nurse my daughter, but there are times that she will need to take a bottle. I came across the Minbie feeding system and was really impressed with the new feeding technology behind this product. Not only does it resemble a nipple it is soft to the touch and was an easy latch for my daughter.

 My daughter took to this bottle fairly slow, but after a few tries she was able to latch on and enjoyed her meal on the go. We like this brand I hope that you will give it a try. This product like I mentioned is from Australia and new to the market so be aware of shipping and transit times. Down below I have included a link to the Minbie website and the shipping cost for US residents. 

Minbie's significant breakthroughs:

-Minbie nurtures a newborn's ability to breastfeed by allowing newborns to bottle-feed with the instinctive feeding technique that they are born with.

-Minbie supports a newborn's digestion by helping to release natural digestive enzymes. This supports a baby's sleep too.

-Minbie matches breast and bottle feeding techniques.

We passionately believe that you should be able to breastfeed and bottle-feed your baby.

To help you, we have created Minbie which is a teat designed to support your newborn's instinctive breastfeeding technique. This means that when newborns feed from Minbie they practice the instinctive latch and feeding-action for nurturing breastfeeding. This is a significant breakthrough in matching breast and bottle-feeding techniques and preventing feeding-confusion*.

For newborns who can not be breastfed, we created Minbie to allow them to bottle-feed with the instinctive breastfeeding technique that they are born with because why shouldn't they be able to feed intuitively with the technique that is developmentally right for them and that helps release digestive enzymes for proper digestion of the milk.

How is Minbie different than other teats?

Our research has found that generic and orthodontic bottle-teats can quickly teach newborns a different latch and feeding-action to the newborn's natural instinctive breastfeeding technique. This may be sufficient for bottle feeding, but it can cause feeding confusion and problems such as a 'weak latch' and 'lazy feeding' when the baby is breastfeeding.

If your newborn has become used to other bottle-teats, he or she may have difficulty feeding from a Minbie teat. This may be an indication that your baby's instinctive feeding technique has been damaged.
Every feed counts ...

Use Minbie as the first and only bottle teat for your baby to help maintain and strengthen your baby's instinctive breastfeeding technique, the way nature intended. 

- I was asked to review this product, but opinions expressed are all mine. 

*shipping to the US only charging $7.95AUD ($6.20USD)


-have fun
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