Chicken Scratch - Dallas

  Patio dining in Dallas is what is needed on these summer nights and weekends. One of the places that we went to as a family was the Chicken Scratch in Dallas. This place has a wonderful outdoor seating area that is sure to feel relaxing. The restaurant is connected to the Foundry/Bar which has live bands that will perform there on weekends. With the kids we went earlier in the day to avoid the night life crowds. So I definitely recommend going earlier in the evening to let the kids enjoy some time at the outdoor play area. 

  The coconut waffle and fried chicken was something that I needed to try. The waffle was absolutely amazing, yet the chicken was a tad bit spicy for me and the boys. If you like spicy fried chicken then you will like it.

 The boys really enjoyed the outside play area. The play area is  small, but enough room for the kids to run around and mingle with other littles that seem to make friends really easy.
 The highlight for the kids was trading in their tickets for yummy Popsicles. There are plenty flavors to choose from and the kids will leave happy with a great treat to cool them down in this Texas heat!

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