Week of / Febuary 23 - March 1, 2015 / Dallas


1. February is coming to an end. We have had some pleasant/terrible weather in Dallas. Cheer up because the weather will get better and spring is around the corner. Take advantage of the $5 dollar day at the Dallas Zoo and enjoy the great discount. As usual save your gas and ride the DART train and see your city in a different way!

2. Looking for some indoor fun? I would recommend going to the Dave and Busters. This literally will give you cool points with your kids, especially if you have teens. This Arcade is family-friendly and you have the option of dining there as well.


1. All I can say is why haven't you been to START restaurant? This is a absolute go-to place for quick food that is really good. I have enjoyed eating here with my boys. You will not be disappointed, the menu has something for everyone. Start on Greenville ave has an array of children books to keep the little ones occupied as you wait for your meal. Really a must try. 

          Start/ Greenville ave

                        Start/ Greenville ave

-have fun

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  1. I've always wanted to go to dave and busters!! Is it baby friendly?

  2. I would not recommend this place for babies. It is very loud and just to much distraction and constant movement!