Funday's this week in Dallas / Ft. Worth, Tx

Dallas Fair Park Aquarium

Check out these FUN places to go this week with the kids.

Top Picks for Indoor FUN in the Dallas, Tx metroplex.

1. Dallas Museum of Arts. This Tuesday Check out the C3 Art Spot and create some new masterpieces.

2. Nickle Mania! Got a bunch of nickles at home. bring them to nickle mania to play many different arcade games!

3. Urban Air Trampoline. Ready, set GO. Let the kids run wild. This is a fun place to take the kiddos to jump, play tag and fall into a foam pit. They will leave tired and hungry. 
* I suggest going to Johnny B's on Southlake Blvd for some burgers and shakes.

4. Frisco Sci-Tech Discovery Center! Wow. Come on and check out this amazing center. This is a great place to learn and play. The exhibits are kid friendly yet fun for the adults too. Hours are limited for the holiday break, check the calendar for the times!

5. Ft. Worth Museum! IMAX. Check out the Star Wars Movie * The Force Awakens on the biggest screen ever! The Kiddos will enjoy seeing BB8 bigger than ever.  Tickets can be purchased online or at the museum.

Tweens/ Teenagers

! Check out the BOWL Lounge in the Design District. This place has an all wooden bowl lanes and no bumpers. This makes for competitive games for the whole family! Check site for Holiday Hours.

-------- Food----- * Twisted Root is on location at the Bowl Lounge! WINNING 

Also, Chuck e Cheese, Bass Pro Shop, Chick Fil A, Galleria Mall play area. The list is endless but here is where you can start looking today. Have fun with your kids this week and be safe. Always tag us on Instagram, I would like to see your adventures with your families in the DFW metroplex! 

-have fun

Hot Cocoa Hopping

Hot Cocoa Hopping in Irving!

 Hot Cocoa, marshmallows and, of course, extra whip cream please. Sharing these memories with the kiddos is just wonderful, especially when it involves drinking delicious warm drinks in the winter. My kids are always asking when can we have hot cocoa and when we do have it they are so excited to try new flavors and this year we made it a requirement to include extra large marshmallows. So this week I'd like to share a Hot Cocoa Hop in Irving with my friend Debora Manusama in search of some yummy goodness. Check out the VIDEO for our adventure in Irving!

Java Me Up

 First stop was Java Me Up in Valley Ranch. I ordered the classic hot chocolate and noticed they had a variety of flavored syrups so I quickly asked if she would add in some amaretto to my cocoa.  I also preferred the almond milk too. The drink came out extra hot and I needed it to rest a while. But that didn't bother me because I ordered a homemade cranberry bread to go with my cocoa. The bread was tart which was expected. My son couldn't wait for some of the hot cocoa to cool down. He really enjoyed it and had the cutest whip cream mustache.  Kids and milk mustaches are really hilarious. Good job Java Me Up, the shop is quaint and cozy and the service was great.

Argentina Bakery ( Irving Towne Center )

 Walking into this bakery, the first thing I heard was salsa music playing in the background and a spunky staff lady dancing. Her energy and passion was so infectious that my friend, Debora, and I couldn't help ourselves but to join in. After a bit of fun, we ordered some of the delicious drinks and were amazed at just how tasty they were.  The hot cocoa was wonderful. I like that the drink was served with extra whip cream. The oversized cushioned chairs were comfy and perfect for taking in all the goodness found in my mug.

 I followed Debora's recommendation and ordered some homemade tortillas to go with my drink. They were perfect to dip into my hot cocoa. Thanks for the suggestion Debora.  Hurry over to the Argentina Bakery in Irving and make sure you bring your dancing shoes, you never know if you will be swept up in the moment and let loose. 

Joe's ( South Irving )

 Hurry over to Debora's blog and check out her experience at one of Irving's established restaurants. This was her first time eating at Joe's and that lemon meringue pie was something we were eyeing when we walked in. Debora Manusama

- have fun

Lambert Home & Garden

 Did you know that currently over 27 million  kids have been  forced into child slavery? I was not aware of these statistics. This is why Sarah and Katie of Lambert Home & Garden are out to change this statistic. Sarah and Katie are sisters who are bringing awareness to the issue of child slavery and making sure we too have  the  information we need to help bring change.

  You ask why? The Lambert sisters are the owners of this amazing home & garden store and have made it their mission to source only the best items that are not produced by people forced into slavery. I was touched by the way these sisters are making a difference in the business of home interior design and showing its consumers there is value in what you buy to add beauty and awareness.  

 Both sisters are from Texas and bring an awesome dynamic to their store's beauty. One sister is all about the business side and the other has a great background in interior design. The sisters know what they are doing and their passion truly shines through when you walk into the store. 

 Walking around the store I wanted to touch everything,  and sit on all the chairs. The store is very pretty and every detail is just perfect. From the art on the wall to the perfect candle that is burning in the store. You will want to make sure you cover every inch of the store to get a sense of what was chosen and the story behind it.

 The Lambert Home & Garden store has been open for 2 months now and are making their impact in the city of Southlake. I was impressed with the sister's love for each other and the vision they have for the store and legacy they want to leave. I know I feel good shopping in a store where the owners care about others and what it means to be aware of others by showing and teaching that beauty is not just luxury but affordable as well). 

 rugs from India

  Please follow them on Instagram 

-have fun 

Small Cakes in Southlake,TX

 When eating a small cake changes your life. Move over itty bitty cupcakes, the revolution of the small cake is making its way to my mouth and yours. This was my first time here and I am already obsessed. The small cakes are the size of your fist for reference and darn good.  Come with the littlest because there is a place for the kiddos to hang out, read and eat at a small table while to adults chit chat and indulge.

Small Cake is located in Southlake off Southlake Blvd. You can't miss it and you will want to come back. Ezra was jumping up and down the whole time begging for a cupcake with sprinkles. Oh yea, we totally found one and he was quite as a mouse ad he stuffed his face! Get out here NOW and enjoy a Small Cake duh! 

 um yes. All the time.

The store has the cutest toppers and they are only $1. Can't beat that. So I bought one for my friend 30th bday, and one for the hubby that say I Love You. You can totally personalized your small cake. 

Hilton Garden Inn at Orange Beach, AL

 Who knew that Alabama had a coast line. It sure was a surprise to us. We were lucky to find the Hilton Hotel that was on a beach. Alabama I think you stole my heart because this place is amazing.
 We literally had the beach to ourselves. The people were far in between but just enough to let the kids run around and not worry that they would get lost in the crowd. The boys literally took it upon themselves to run for what I considered miles up and down the coast line.

 The staff were very accommodating to our family. We literally drove in at midnight and they were able to give us a beach front view. I mean come on what are the chances that we would be treated so fare and felt special.

 I had the kids pile on top of each other to get this picture, they did not want to stay still because all they kept saying, "mommy the bed is so cozy". Baby Stella might look squished in the picture but she can hold her own with two big brothers.


I have to end with this picture of my oldest son waking up early to catch the view from the balcony. He wanted to make sure that he was the first one to see the tides roll in. We had an excellent stay at the Hilton Garden Inn in Orange Beach, Alabama. I wonder if anyone else knows that Alabama has a coast line because it is no a secret anymore. I am telling everyone I know to come see the Gulf Shores of Alabama. Secrets out. 

-have fun
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Top 10 Holiday Edition!

TOP 10 Family Friendly events in Dallas 2015

1. Bass Pro shop! This is our ultimate! Take the family out to enjoy crafts, games and of course picture with Santa!

2. The Trains at NorthPark Center. I have taken the kiddos and they are in awe of the beautiful trains. Every ticket purchase benefits the Ronald McDonald House! *Model Train Exhibit going at Lone Star Hi- Rails! Fun place to see some new tarins!

3. Panther Island Ice skating. Who doesn't like to skate and Fall. J/K hold on tigght and just laugh and enjoy the time with the kids.

4. Frisco Square is putting on some fun events for the kiddos. Check out the New skate rink opening Thanksgiving weekend!  

5. Farmers Branch Tour of Lights! Check out this beautiful tour of some amazing light displays synchronized to music! We loved this last year with the kids! BE on the look out for Santa!  

This is the sneak peek to what is to come! Check out these FUN family Friendly events in Dallas/ Ft. Worth with the kids after Thanksgivng!
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-have fun

Christmas Tree Farm!

 So you want to go to the country and chop down your own Christmas tree?  I have the place for you! 

Terrell, Tx

1. Take the whole family and friends to the Walls Family Tree Farm in Terrell. This is a 45 minute drive outside Dallas. What I like about this drive is that you are out of the city and in the country in a short amount of time. We were invited by some friends who make it a tradition to go with their family every year. When we got to the farm we were so impressed with the beauty of the property. You will enjoy the play area perfect for pictures and of course to let the kiddos loose. You will enjoy the snacks that they sell, cider, popcorn and of  course nachos. The kids will have a blast at the tree farm

2. There will be a tractor on site that will pick you up and go out and cut down a Christmas tree. I really like that about the whole experience. Going out with your kids to look for a tree and feeling proud to get the perfect one. We love coming out to the Walls family tree farm. Make it a Tradition in your home!  * Remember to bring CASH

- have fun
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