Week of / November 3-9 2014 / Dallas- Farmers Branch

   If you don't know by now Starbucks is now serving warm drinks in their signature holiday red cups! So you know what that means!

Dallas/ Metroplex

1. Rise and shine and head over to your local Starbucks and grab a venti hot chocolate with of course some pumpkin spice. Take a croissant to add to your delicious drink of choice.

2. The city of Dallas has so many hidden gem burger joints that I could only choose two that your family will enjoy.

* Take a trip back in time and go to Dairy-ette. There you can indulge in a classic root beer float that is served in a cold frosty mug. And of course the burgers are grilled to perfection. 

* Take a trip to Coppell and eat at The Coppell Deli. This restaurant is an established part of the downtown that you will enjoy. Take in the awe of the Deli and of the pictures of all the Dallas Cowboy players that have eaten there.

Farmers Branch
Exploring a new city in Dallas is always worth doing!

1. Head over to the Farmers Branch Historic Park with your Starbucks drink and watch a blacksmith do their craft. The whole family will love this event because it will teach them how things were back then and appreciate what we have now. This is a great learning experience they will like! This event will be from 12:30 - 2:30pm.

2. For lunch/dinner take a short drive to Carrollton and have a delicious dinner at Babe's Chicken for some down home cooking. Or if y'all are in the mood for burgers and shakes twisted root burger is next door.

-have fun
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