Week of / November 10-16, 2014 / Dallas

 I have listed several activities for this weekend. Please choose an adventure that will cater to your family!

1. This cold front has been welcomed with open arms!! Why not head downtown Dallas and go to the Dallas Museum of Art with the whole family. This cold weather outside will make it a perfect time to be indoors at the DMA. This Saturday the museum will be hosting tours throughout the museum, and the kids will enjoy the Center for Creative Creations!

2.   After a fun tour in the art museum, stomachs will be growling. I recommend eating at the DMA Cafe and enjoy a nice meal. This way you stay warm and just reflect on the beautiful space you are in. Take the time to put all phones and gadgets away and talk with the kids on what they liked best at the museum.

Dallas/Fair Park

1. Take your warmest coat and your red cup Starbucks drink and run over to the Fair Park and check out the Cotton Bowl Trade Days! This is the place to be to get a jump start on your holiday shopping! The Trade Day will host a lot of indoors and outdoors vendors! What a great opportunity to shop at the Fair Park.

Dallas/Northpark Center

1. The kids will have a fun experience with the Cool Tunes for Kids event featuring Eric Herman at Northpark Center! His music and shows take a unique and enjoyful spin on entertaining for kids that will please and surprise kids of all ages! The show starts at 2pm till 2:45. A new way to have fun at the Northpark Center

2. After the show, corral the kids over to the La Madeleine at the Northpark Center and have a great lunch/dinner. There are also many options to choose from throughout the Center that guarantee everyone will be satisfied.   
-have fun
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