Week of / October 20-26, 2014 / Ft.Worth

     This is the event that my family has been waiting for all year long and I can't wait to share it with you. Its not the State Fair. Get ready for the coolest, fastest, family-friendly adventure!

Ft. Worth

1.  Grab your ear plugs, wagons, camp chairs and binoculars and head over to the Alliance Air Show at the Alliance Airport in Ft. Worth. This is an event that you should mark on your calendar for next year and the year after because every family member will enjoy the show. The highlight of this year's show will be the United State Air Force Thunderbirds. In addition, there will be many other performers in the air and static displays on the runway to enjoy. Be prepared to walk because the static displays (featuring military and private aircraft) will be spread along the airport. There will be something for everyone to enjoy.

*Admission is FREE, but parking will be $30 dollars. Buy tickets in advanced online for a $5 dollar discount. 
*I recommend bringing ear plugs for the little's. 

Ft. Worth

1.  This weekend is all about being outdoors in FT. Worth. So take the family and go down to West 7th street in downtown Ft. Worth. This is a thriving neighborhood with great family entertainment. The Kids will enjoy going to the Movie Tavern to check out some flicks like The Book of Life or Alexander and the terrible. For some good eats, Thirteen Pies has great artisan pizza, or if you are feeling adventurous grab a bite at Terra Mediterranean.

-have fun
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  1. We went and enjoyed the Air Show... this will be a family tradition, even though I had several panic and anxiety attacks! Who flies a plane up in the air and totally turns it off and swirls to the earth? at age 24?!?!?!?! craziness!