Fisrt Day of School FUN!

      First day of school, first day of school. Take the kids out this evening and have a discussion about today's adventure at some cool dessert spots. 


 1. Take the kiddos out to Sprinkles and grab a sundae or next door and eat some yummy cupcakes.
 *to avoid long lines the Sprinkles ATM is my favorite thing to do with the kids. The ATM plays music and the kids JAM out for bit and wait for the magical cupcake to appear.

2. To get a retro vibe head down to the Highland Park Pharmacy. Try the old fashion Ice Cream Sodas, and the HOT fudge brownie sundae. Either way sit up at the counter and just let the kids try what ever the heart desire. 

3. Braum's of course is the old faithful place to get a yummy sundae. The kids cones are less then 2 dollars and swirled around so high. yum

4. Wild about Harry's is a fun place where the kids can create a sundae they will be proud of. A fun atmosphere to be apart of. Don't forget the photo op with the hot dog harry outside the store.

Yogurt Fans

*Yogurt Zone

*Sweet Frogs Yogurt


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